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Anal Toy Story 2

Anal Toy Story 2

A bit of an update on how I’m enjoying my new toys. Both of them are pretty awesome, but at the same time I’m just a little disappointed. I’m definitely jumping straight into TMI territory here, so if you don’t want to read about my butt, you can go here and look and cute pictures for a while.

Are they gone? Just us perves left? Excellent.

These toys are great, and having something stuffed inside of me makes special happy time much more intense. Especially since most of my fantasies look something like this:

Except I’m a barista so it’s more likely to to be a pun about extra cream

The downside is that the batteries on both of my toys died. I wore out the ones that came with my Tantus spiral in less than two days, and the ones that came with the pro-touch were DOA. Unfortunately I had already prepped, lubed and inserted the pro-touch before finding that out.

I then had to pull the bullet out of the base of the toy (and the toy out of myself) and unscrew it with lube slick fingers trying to figure out if there was anything I could do to make it work. Sadly there wasn’t.

I haven’t gotten new batteries yet, based on department store prices to power both my toys would probably cost as much as I payed for them in the first place. Which is probably why they were on clearance since they are shipped with the batteries in them, a long time on the shelf drains the batteries. I’m planning on ordering Tantus’s three speed bullet with my next paycheck, since it looks like it’ll do the job better than the basic bullet, and it costs about the same batteries would.

I still enjoy the pro-touch though. The hollow base means I can use it like a Fing-longer to reach back and tease my prostate, easier than I could with just a finger (or two.)

I don’t play with it as much because the shape hits my prostate enough to milk it (that is to force a pleasant, but ultimately disappointing ejaculation) but I haven’t figured out how to stimulate a prostate orgasm. Since I’m only allowed to cum a few times a week, the pro-touch is too risky to play with on non-orgasm days, and possibly not worth it on orgasm days.

Add some scratch marks and this is exactly what I want every night before bed.

On the other hand I love being stretched open by the Spiral, even if I can’t cum it feels good to slip it in am imagine being taken roughly by a big cocked beauty.

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