Submissive in Seattle

Build up

About this time a few months ago Cole would have been jacking off. About an hour before he had to go to bed before work, nothing else to do, but find something arousing and get himself off once or twice before bed.

That had all changed with Natalie. Not quickly mind you, but she had swept in and changed his life all around. He was happy with the changes, but right now he really wanted to cum.

Natalia was Cole’s girlfriend and his domme. He loved her, and he loved to obey her. Still, this chastity kick of hers had been going on for a few months now. The periods were increasing, and Cole wasn’t certain he could take much more.

Natalia on the other hand seemed to want more, much more. She was so delighted by his whimpering, she loved to tease his cock and leave him wanting, dripping with need. Her laughter at his cries, only made him harder, made him want her more.

It had been Thirteen days now since Cole had been allowed to get off. What had started as having to ask for permission to cum, evolved into being restricted for days, and now weeks at a time. Cole knew that they had a date tomorrow, but he wasn’t sure Natalia would be interested in stopping her little game. He almost wanted to disobey. To grab his cock and jerk it until he blew his frustration all over.

He had told her her of course, when he saw her, or texted, or IMed he let her know just how hard he was for her, how he could hardly sleep because of his pent up lust. Naturally she was gleeful every time he begged her for release.

On their last date he had gone down on her for over an hour, in three different positions as she teased his poor cock to the edge and then denied him release.  That was monday night, she said she wanted him to wait until their date Friday, and giggled when he almost cried from frustration.

Now Cole was lying in bed, struggling not to disobey her. He closed and put aside his laptop. and lay stretched out on his bed. His turgidity making a tent in the sheets, he rubbed against them and lay still and tried to relax the blood away from his throbbing cock, to ignore the insistent ache in his balls and go to sleep so that he could sleep and tomorrow would come and maybe, just maybe she would let him come too.

Sleep seemed miles away, and Cole had been lying in bed for hours or, checking the clock, about five minutes, when the buzzer to his apartment went off.

Cole got up, shrugged on a robe and when to the door. Hitting the talk button he inquired

“Who is it?”

The reply came “Let me in pet, it’s cold out here.”

Stunned as he was, Cole managed to sputter “Right away Ma’am.” And hit the door button.

Was he dreaming? What was she doing here so late?

He wanted to run change into something a little nicer than an old bathrobe, but he was only on the second floor and didn’t have time.

He could hear her footsteps in the hall so he opened the door. “Good evening Ma’am, an unexpected pleasure.”

Natalie slipped inside closing the door behind her. She was beautiful, as always. A flush from the cold outside put some color in her pale cheeks. She was wearing tight jeans and a low cut top that really accentuated her considerable bust.

“It’s a bit late I know, but was worried you might be having trouble sleeping.”

“Oh, you might say that.” Cole muttered, looking down and seeing that the source of his insomnia was well apparent through his robe.

“I can’t have you exhausted out for our date tomorrow. So I’m thinking about taking care of your swelling. But only if you promise to whatever I tell you tonight.” Natalie emphasized that last part, and Cole nearly gulped.

“That won’t be a problem, I love to do what you tell me.”

“It might be difficult, if you want I can just go home and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“No. I promise, I’ll do anything you say.”

“Good, now it’s late so grab your collar, take off your robe, and get on the bed.”

Cole hurried to obey as Natalie followed after stripping of her clothing and letting them fall to the floor she watched Cole slide out of his robe, thin and well muscled he grabbed his collar and climbed onto the bed. Kneeling he presented his collar to her as pulled off her jeans.

Natalie fastened the collar securely around her pet’s neck and smiled at the blissful expression that crossed his face as she did so. She leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

“OK, Now scootch your butt up to the head board. I don’t want your hands getting in the way.”

Obediently Cole moved back to the head of his bed and held out his arms so his mistress could restrain him with the soft cloth manacles that were already dangling from the posts.

Natalie swiftly strapped her pet down, and revelled in the heat of his twitching cock against her body.

Dragging herself back across his body she withdrew to the edge of the bed and admired the sight before her. A beautiful submissive boy tied up and wanting. His cock pulsing with need with her, his eyes filled with desire, ready to do anything she asked of him. Anything at all.

Reaching back she unclasped her bra and let herself swing free. She took noticed of Cole’s rapt attention his eyes fixated on her ample chest.  Then slowly she retrieved a small bottle of coconut oil from her purse.

It was semi-solid as she squeezed out a small amount onto her palms.

“You like my tits, don’t you pet?” She asked. squeezing out a little more oil onto her palm. She didn’t care if it got messy, her could always wash his sheets tomorrow.

“Yes Ma’am.” Cole answered succinctly. He was so turned on right now he could barely think at all.

Natalie warmed the oil in her hands and as it melted she massaged it over her chest. Coating it liberally, she played with her nipples as she climbed between Cole’s legs.

“Would you like to fuck them?” Natalie leaned in closed enough to feel the heat coming off his cock as she asked him. “Would you like to fuck your owner’s tits?” She exhaled her words onto his erection and watched it twitch for her.

“Yes, please.”

“Good, that was my plan.” She giggled, moving up and enfolding her breasts around his swollen manhood.

“Aaaah.” Cole gasped at her touch.

“Not too quick sweetness.” She admonished. “I want to have some fun with you.”

Cole meekly whimpered.

Natalie giggled as she enveloped her pet’s throbbing erection between her breasts. He was so hot she felt as if he might burst into flames at her touch. She pressed her breasts together trapping him in her slippery cleavage.

Cole felt as if he would cum right then and there. Gritting his teeth he held back with everything he had.  As Natalie squeezed her tits around him and slid up and down he couldn’t help but lift his pelvis up to meet her strokes.

“That’s it my little pet, hump my titties. Pump your cock as fast as you can, but don’t cum until I say you may.”

“Ungh, Yes Ma’am” Cole was in a serious state of frustration as he fucked away at his mistress’ chest.

He could feel the pressure building up more and more on each stroke. The way her smooth oiled skin slid against the underside of his cock. The laughter and lust in her eyes. He was trying to hold on, but it felt so good he thought he would cry.

After a dozen more strokes he looked at  her with tears at the corner of his eyes and pleaded.

“Please Ma’am, I need to cum.”

Natalie could see the desperation on Cole’s face, she released her grasp on his cock a little, not pulling away, but not stimulating him as much as she had been.

“If I let you cum pet, I want you to lick it up. Every drop.”

“Yes Ma’am. ”  Cole replied, half on instinct and half out of desperate need. He agreed to lick up his own cum without even thinking.

A brief look of regret Flashed across Cole’s face, and Natalie wanted to laugh out loud. Not wasting anytime Natalie went to work, she wanted to make him blow his load before he had any thoughts of trying to back out. Squeezing even tighter than before She stroked her pet with her breasts, leaning down she swiped her tongue against the head of his cock.

Cole cried out and immediately he erupted, the first rope of cum catching her across the face, and the next two landing on her lips and chin before the rest of his pent up spunk boiled out between her breasts. She reacted quickly, having played out this scenario in her head many times before this night. She moved gracefully up his body, taking his still leaking tool in her hand so as to catch every last bit of cum.

Cole shuddered with the force of what had to be one of the most powerful orgasms he had ever had. All the tension of the last two weeks drained from his body in one epic messy explosion. Then before he had even finished shaking Natalie was devouring his mouth with kisses and he was very aware of his own sticky ejaculate staining her lips.

“C’mon now pet, you promised. Time to lick up your tasty treat.” Her voice dripping with restrained laughter.

Cole knew he had to obey, but that didn’t make it any less difficult to stick his tongue out and run it over her jizz covered lips.

“All the way out, lick that cum up faster or I’m going to be very disappointed.” The hard edge on her voice was less of a motivation than the mere thought of disappointing his owner. Cole pushed his tongue all the way out past his lips and followed the trail of cum he left over her face.

The taste wasn’t so bad, but the thought of what he was doing humiliated him to no end. His face burned crimson as he licked Natalie’s face clean of the slimy mess he had made.

“Who’s a good little cumeater?” Natalie praised as she lifted her messy breasts to Cole’s mouth.

Cole flushed even darker as he went to work sucking up his own jizz.

Natalie suppressed a laugh and pulled back from her pet’s sucking mouth.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Cole gulped and looked at her shamefaced.

“I…I am Ma’am.” He mumbled.

“You are what?” She questioned back. “Say it for me.”

“I’m a good l..little C..cumeater.” Cole stuttered nearly crying from humiliation.

“That’s right pet.” Natalie assured him as she pushed her sticky bosom back into his mouth.

“And just think of how much cum I’m going to make you eat after three weeks!”

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