Submissive in Seattle

Ms. Nelson’s New Boy

It was a sticky Friday afternoon in late June. Paul, having just graduated high school, had a lazy summer sprawling out ahead of him before the start of university in the fall.

Most everyone else had gotten summer jobs, and so except for the weekends, Paul had to entertain himself until his buddies would get off work. For the first few weeks he made do, glad that his parents hadn’t forced him to work this summer.  Eventually, though, he realized he was bored stiff.

It was too hot inside for him to play with his Xbox, or to utilize his privacy in the house as teenaged boys are often wont to do. He settled instead on shooting some free throws to pass the time. He was at it for maybe five minutes before the ball rebounded over the high fence separating his backyard from that of his neighbor’s, Ms. Nelson.


Toni Nelson left work early on Friday. She was pissed, having received an e-mail – a freaking e-mail! – from the Boy saying he would not be waiting for her when she got home. He would instead be staying out in Buttfuck, Iowa, having met someone, “closer to his own age.” That ungrateful little shit.  If she ever got her hands on him again, she was gonna tan his hide.

The worst part of all was that she had been fantasising about their reunion all week. She had forgone all causal play over the the last month, and she was absolutely climbing the walls with sexual frustration. When she saw that she had an e-mail from the Boy, excitement had fluttered through her stomach.  She’d anticipated his pleading for her touch, or a picture of his…

Fuck! She wasn’t sure whether to scream or cry, but right now she was tearing off her clothes on the way to the bedroom. At least for now she could hate-fuck the shit out of her battery operated boyfriend.

Visions of the Boy floated behind Toni’s eyelids as she ground out her frustration. The Boy tied to the kitchen table, or beneath her lash. *Aaah…* Her favorite memory of the first time she had him. In her mind she threw him onto her queen sized bed for the first time, saw his eyes just about pop out of his skull when she stripped, and heard the breath forced out of him when she pounced.

Mmm… and the things she’d do if  – no, when – he came crawling back. He would beg her to take him back, beg her to punish him, and then beg her to stop. *Oooh,* that was it.  He’d cry as she spanked him, and squirm and struggle to get free. *Yesss.* After she finished with that, she’d fuck his ass so hard he wouldn’t be able to walk straight.

Paul thought nothing of scrambling up a tree and over the fence into his neighbors yard to retrieve his basketball.  He did exactly that, dropping to the ground with an “oof!” and began looking around for his errant ball. There it was. It had bounced and rolled over towards the patio and –

Ho. Lee. Shit!

Just beyond the patio were french doors to Ms. Nelson’s bedroom, and Ms. Nelson was stark naked, impaling herself on a huge-

“Shit! shitshitshit-shit.”

Paul, was busted.

Ms. Nelson locked eyes with him as he stood there, open mouthed, sporting the beginnings of a legendary hard on.

Three things went through Toni’s mind when she opened her eyes to see the shirtless teenage boy land in her back yard. The first was that it was her Boy already back with his tail between his legs, *and that’s not all.* Of course, it wasn’t; he was four states away screwing some freshman hussy. The second thought was that it was the Thomas kid from next door, just after his basketball. Third, she recalled that the boy had turned eighteen not to long ago, and he was, from the looks of it, capable of filling the position so recently vacated by her *old* Boy.


She saw him turn and look at her through the french doors, and quickly formulated a plan. She was so close to bringing herself off that she had to pull back from the edge. There would be time for that later.

She dragged on a loose silk robe and opened the door to her patio, The Boy, *New Boy* looked white as a sheet, she liked that. Toni knew that if she played this right she’d have him by the balls, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Paul panicked and bolted towards the fence, dropping his basketball in the process. The trouble was, there was no helpful tree to give him a boost on this side of the fence. He jumped, trying to pull himself over, but only managed to scrape up his knees against the rough cedar planks, before falling to the grass.

“Paul Alexander Thomas, you little pervert!” Ms. Nelson screamed.


She had thrown on a loose robe and was stalking out towards him, looking pissed as hell. He stumbled to his feet sputtering apologies only to have the words slapped right out of his mouth.

“Just wait ‘til I call your mother to tell she has a peeping tom for a son.”  She fishooked Paul by the cheek and dragged him faltering along behind her.

“Please Mrs. Nelson I didn’t mean to-” Paul began to beg as she released him on her bedroom floor and headed towards the phone.

Toni dropped the boy on the carpet and strode purposefully over to the bedside phone. She didn’t know Mrs. Thomas’s number, but Paul didn’t know that, obviously, as he begged her not to call his mother.

“Please Mrs. Nelson I didn’t mean to-”

That was something she could use.

“Miss. It’s Miss Nelson and what didn’t you mean to do?” she said, forcing anger into her voice, “Didn’t mean to sneak into my yard? Didn’t mean to look in my bedroom window? Maybe I should be calling the police, instead of your mother. What do you think they’ll have to say about your voyeuristic shenanigans?”

Paul blanched. He hadn’t even considered that she might call the cops. He had to do something, or say something, to convince her not to get him sent to jail.

His brain was working overtime trying to find away out of this, and he remembered that Tommy’s older brother Jacob used to come over all the time to mow the lawn and help with the house work, but he left for college and wasn’t going to be back over break. Maybe if he offered to take his place for free, he could bargain his way out of trouble. Yes, that was it.

The way his offer came out was this: “Please, miss, I’ll do anything you want.”

Jackpot! Toni knew as soon as the words spilled from his lips hat she had struck gold with this one. She shifted gears, softening from furious anger to disappointment. Turning to face to boy she saw he was still on the floor, on his knees. *Good instincts.* The posture was all wrong, but she’d correct that in time.

She crossed her arms and fixed Paul with a disapproving stare that made him look down almost immediately. She sighed.

“I always thought you were a better kid than that, Paul. I can’t help but think that you must need more discipline in your life. I really don’t have any choice but to call your mother.”

The shame had brought tears glistening to the corners of his eyes as he stared up at her imploringly. Toni didn’t have to act as if the look moved her, but for a moment she felt sorry for the boy, considering what she was putting him through.

“Well, when you say anything…”

Paul wiped his eyes on the back of his hand and looked up at her, red rimmed blue eyes flashing with hope.

“I won’t call your mother, if you agree to let me discipline you.”

Paul’s jaw dropped open. The hot tears burning at the back of his throat receded rapidly as he tried to comprehend what Ms. Nelson was saying. He had felt so ashamed when she looked at him, but just now he thought there may have been a twitch in her lip, a glimmer of a smile threatening to break through.

He swallowed back the last of the tears, making a trepidatious gulp that bordered on cartoonish before he asked, “What do you mean, discipline me?”

“What I mean is,” she said, smile playing at her lips, “that if you agree to let me punish you now, for this little incident, and you agree to let me instruct you on how to behave properly, then I think we can leave your mother and the police out of this.”


“Punish me?” Paul wasn’t quite sure what she might meant by this, but the way she had said the word made him nervous in an entirely different ways than he already was. His thoughts suddenly shifted to Ms. Nelson telling him he had been a “naughty, naughty boy.” She couldn’t possibly mean anything like that, could she?


“Yes, Paul. If you agree, I will give you a punishment as I see fit. If not I’ll let your mother decide what to do with you.”


Toni watched his eyes flick to her nearly exposed breasts when she said, “punish.” She had him hooked now, and all she had to do was reel him in. She tried her hardest not to smile as she laid out her deal, watching his little head spin with the implications, his eyes roaming down her body and then snapping to attention when he realized what he was doing. The boy couldn’t help himself, but for that matter, neither could she.

She did smile when Paul accepted her terms, not the toothy grin she felt, but a satisfied, “You’ve made the right choice young man,” smile.


“OK, Paul, I’m glad we could come to an agreement. Stand up.”


She admired his lean athletic form as he rose, fair skin pinkened by the summer sun, *That’s not the only thing that will be pinkening it soon.* Strong calves and thighs led up to his loose basketball shorts. He he bent slightly forward, trying to minimise the slight tenting in his shorts.

“Stand up straight,” she said, pretending not to notice his growing erection, “First I want you to take off your shoes before you track dirt all over my carpet.”

She stared at him waiting for him to obey. When he did, she continued, “Then I want you to take a chair from the kitchen into the living room, and wait for me. I’ll be out in a moment.”

As soon as his bottom disappeared from sight, Toni swept into her closet. On one wall, she had all her favorite toys lined up for easy access.  But what to choose? She briefly considered going straight for the cane, but decided she should start with a more delicate touch. *Not too delicate.* The riding crop was too sexy.*Can’t have him thinking I planned this.*  The same went for her paddles, straps, and floggers.  No, it was best to start him out with the basics. She took her

heavy ebony hair brush and went out to find Paul, pausing only briefly to adjust her robe and hair in the mirror for maximum effect.


Paul stood waiting in the living room, trying to think about baseball. His mind was racing a million miles a minute, trying to absorb the situation. Heart fluttered in his chest like he had an arrhythmia. She was going to spank him. He just knew it. Why though, had seemed so angry with him? Was she faking? Or maybe she actually thought this was a punishment, not the hottest thing that had ever happened to him. Whatever the case was ,he had to make this erection go down before it got him in trouble.

It was no use. Ms. Nelson strode in to the room in her skimpy little robe, and Paul found himself rising again. God, she was hot. He hadn’t really ever thought of her before this. She wasn’t as old as his mom, but still, she was, like, fifteen years older than him.

He turned his body away from her, as if that might hide the growing tent in his shorts. He knew she could see it as she pulled back the chair and sat down in front of him. Her robe was short  enough that he could see her thighs almost all the way up.

“Young man, I expect you to look me in the eyes!”

He snapped to attention when he heard the steel in her voice. Once again, she sounded serious. Maybe he was wrong about where this was going.


Toni was pleased to see that Paul had not made himself at home in the living room, and even more pleased as she realize what a big boy he must be. She took her seat, careful to be subtle about the show she was giving him.

“Young man, I expect you to look me in the eyes!” she barked. That got his attention. She stared him down for a moment, then prodded his hard on with her finger. “This is exactly the kind of thing that’s going to get you in trouble if we don’t do something about it, Paul.”

She delighted in watching him try to control his reaction, even as her slight touch had him twitching like a dog wagging its tail.

“Well, do you have anything to say to me?” she asked.

“Sorry,” he croaked.

“Sorry what, Paul?”

“I’m sorry Miss Nelson.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“Um, I’m sorry for climbing into backyard without permission, and for watching you… for watching you, even though I didn’t mean to.”

“Hmmpf. I suppose that will do. I want you to bend over my lap, Paul. After your punishment, we’ll see if you can apologise any better than that.”

As Paul half bent, half knelt to get over her knees without prodding her with his hard on, Toni was worried that she was going to sigh with pleasure and give the game away. Then, as he settled onto her lap, she was sure he’d feel her pulse beating a rapid tattoo, and know that she was every bit as excited as he was. That just wouldn’t be as much fun.

Paul was so embarrassed that he felt his cheeks would burst into flame. He must have misjudged her, because she clearly wasn’t amused. As he maneuvered on to her lap, trying hard not to touch her with his offending organ, he heard her sigh with disappointment, and he could feel her anger as her heartbeat pounded against him.

His eyes began to tear up again with the embarrassment of the situation and the sting of rejection he felt thinking that she might have been coming onto him. He felt foolish and immature, sniffling over a woman’s lap like a child.

He felt her hand press softly against the small of his back. She was gentle with him at least, though he knew what was coming.

“Have you ever been spanked before, Paul?”

He tried to steady his voice in his response. “When I was little.”

“And when was the last time you had a spanking?”

“I was ten, I guess.”

“How old are you now?”


“That’s eight years without being spanked! Even a good boy needs spanking now and again to keep him in line.  No wonder you’re misbehaving. Well, I think we’ll just have to make up for lost time and hope that it helps.”

Paul started to brace himself, when he felt Ms. Nelson’s hand slip under the waistband of his shorts and his boxers! He squawked a protest, but she yanked them down to his thighs, leaving his butt exposed to the open air.

Toni had a growing warmth between her legs which threatened to overwhelm her. She almost wanted to forgo the spanking and just ravish the poor boy – almost, but not quite. She asked him when the last time he had been spanked was, and had to fight to keep the smile out of her voice as she teased him about making up for lost time.

She danced her fingers along his tight waist, his muscles tightening at her touch. Sliding quickly below the belt line, she tugged the loose shorts right off his butt before he could get out more than an awkward noise.

“You didn’t think I’d paddle you through your shorts did you?”

Paul made only a small noise in response.

She admired the firm buttocks before her. Young and smooth, the skin was a creamy white contrasting nicely with the rest of his sun kissed body. She rubbed her hand across its surface, anticipation making her breath shallow.

Pauls member stiffened noticeably against her thigh, despite his protest about being naked over her lap. It clearly excited him.


Toni reluctantly took her hand off the boys ass, raising it high, so that Paul could sense the movement of her body. She watched him tense, clenching his cheeks together as if she might bugger him as well.


Her hand fell like lightning – three swift alternating strikes placed before the boy tried to get away.

And he did try to get away. Toni was prepared though. She clasped her thighs together trapping the boys throbbing erection. She pressed down against the small of his back and told him to shush, holding him still until he stopped squirming.


“Hush now. We’re just getting started,” she whispered as she grasped the handle of her hairbrush.

Gawddamn! Paul was freaking out so much over his predicament that he hadn’t even considered how much this was going to hurt. Instinctively, he tried to get away from the pain, but only succeeded in flailing about before Ms. Nelson trapped his junk between her thighs.

He was held down tightly against her lap as he calmed down. The smooth skin of her legs against his– oh, oh this was nice. The stinging pain faded to warmth on his backside, and Paul relished the feel of her smooth inner thighs as Ms. Nelson hushed and comforted him. With all the subtlety a half-naked eighteen year-old boy can muster, Paul gently began to grind against the older woman’s lap.

Finding himself distracted from the initial pain, Paul was surprised when Ms. Nelson brought her hairbrush into play. Shocked at first by the intense sensation, he didn’t even move for the first volley of blows, trapped over her knees like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

Pain rained down from above. The striking sound of the ebony brush destroying Paul’s cheeks filled the room. He tried to cry out, but the noise caught in his throat and became just a squeak. Having been batted between emotional states, and ricocheted between pleasure and pain, had worn straight through him. Tears began to roll unchecked down his face as he kicked and writhed to escape the falling hairbrush.

Even as he couldn’t control his outburst at the pain, the motion of his groin against Toni’s lap was bringing him closer to another uncontrollable outburst. Paul’s thoughts where fragmented at best with the ongoing pain, but he was becoming prematurely embarrassed about what he was sure was his impending climax. Fresh tears poured out at the thought of what Ms. Nelson was going o do when he came all over her lap.

Toni could barely hold him down after she began to punish his ass in earnest. He wriggled and squirmed against her in the most delicious manner. Even his tears looked sexy. She couldn’t help but buck against him when she felt him throb between her thighs. He was going to cum just from her spanking him! *Well, that and the teasing and the rubbing.* This was too good to be true. Toni swung for the fences as she rubbed her thighs together to milk it out of the boy.

She listened carefully to his breathing under the percussion she was beating out on his ass. His breath was quick and shallow, broken only by occasional sobs. Then she felt him twitch between her legs and a telltale hitch in his breath as he lost all control.

As Paul twitched and spasmed between her legs, Toni stopped the spanking and held him tight against her lap. When his climax abated an eternity later, Toni was quivering with need. She didn’t even try to hide the arousal in her voice as she pushed the boy down to the floor.

“Oooh, it seems you can’t even be punished properly, You’re a very Naughty boy.” She grinned down at the boy who looked up at her with red rimmed eyes and tear stained cheeks. “Are you ready to apologise properly this time? I want you to finish what you interrupted earlier.”

Not content to wait as the boy tried to process this new circumstance, she grabbed him by his shaggy blond hair and dragged him between her spreading thighs.


Dumbfounded, Paul found himself face first in the first vagina he’d ever seen in person. His cheeks were wet with tears, and now smeared with the mess he’d deposited on Ms. Nelson thighs during his spanking.

“Start licking already!” she growled at him, as she smooshed his face against her burning lips.

Paul shoved his tongue out of his mouth and tasted her sticky need for the first time. As soon as his tongue hit down, Ms. Nelson began to undulate against him and roughly drag his mouth up and down over her sensitive flesh.

Soon, he recognised the erect nubbin that she was focusing on as her clitoris, and began to lavish his efforts there.  He managed to suck it between his bruising lips and lash his tongue over and over again.

“Aaagh, Don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop!”

Ms Nelson’s thighs contracted around his head so tight as she bucked against his mouth, Paul thought his head might be crushed. He could make out her muffled screams of pleasure as she rode his face.

Toni arched her back, pressing the fullness of her pussy onto the boy’s face as she came. She held him there for a moment after and then pushed him out from between her legs onto his sore bottom.

“Apology accepted,” she said, with a blissful grin on her face.

Paul sprawled before her bemused and broken. She could see a bit of the wine colored bruising spreading over his cheeks.

“Stand up and turn around. Paul.”

He obeyed with admirable speed, rising to his feet, trying to hide his growing tumescence out of a misplaced, but incredibly cute, sense of modesty. He turned away and displayed her handiwork.  As she took in the tapestry of contusion, she was surprised that she had allowed herself to go so hard on a virgin, and more surprised to see how well he took it *along with his superlative reaction.*

“Stay here, Paul.”

She fetched some soothing lotion from the bathroom and made her way back to the living room, pleased to see the Boy standing there, perfectly still, breathing slowly. She took her seat and pulled him towards her by his hip.

Paul felt weird – strangely calm and giddy. The palpable heat coming off his abused ass told him that he should still be in a rather large amount of discomfort, but he felt… floaty, oddly at peace about having being harshly punished and forced to go down on his neighbor, not that he wouldn’t have jump at the offer if he had been given a choi-

Ms. Nelson was tugging at his hip, so he stepped backwards towards her, allowed the to adjust his posture.

He winced when she applied the cool lotion to his fever hot behind. The gentle contact with his mottled red and purple flesh stung and made him want to flinch away, But he stayed, calm in still in her hands ‘til she was done, and she pulled him onto her bare lap.

“So what do you think?”

Paul became aware that she had been talking to him for the last few minutes as she cared for his bruises. Everything she had said had failed to register as anything other than soothing noises intended to comfort him while she treated the wounds she had gleefully caused earlier.

He made a thinking noise, “hmm, uhh” trying to figure out what she might have been saying.

“If you aren’t comfortable I understand, but…” She reached into his lap to handle his prominent yet unnoticed erection. “I think it’s pretty clear at least part of you enjoyed this. Why don’t you think it over tonight. If you’d like be my boy…” She have him a few pumps for emphasis. “…come over tomorrow at nine. You can tell your parents you’re going to mow my lawn, which will be true by the way, and we’ll discuss the arrangement in greater detail.”

Two Months Later

The unreasonable August sun beat down on the patio, causing Toni to perspire as freely as her pitcher of sangria. The New Boy, as she still thought of him, was just starting on the back yard. She kept an older mower with no push assist around, so he had really worked up a sweat in the front lawn as she relaxed back here.

By her request, or order rather, he’d doffed his baggy basketball shorts and was mowing the fenced-in back yard in just cotton briefs and tennis shoes. Mowing front to back gave her a marvelous view of his legs and ass as he pushed the stubborn mower down the yard and let the watch him, struggle to walk straight with a hard on when he pushed towards her sunning in a barely there yellow bikini.

She had surprised herself by how relieved she was to find that he was going to university in town. His dorm, she already knew, was about fifteen minutes from her work.

Not that they could play there. Much.

Today she had planned sort of an informal two month anniversary. Watching the *new* Boy mow the lawn was supposed to get her keyed up for turning his butt five shades a purple, but she could hardly wait. Scratch that. She couldn’t wait. He could finish the yard later.

Toni signaled for him to cut the engine.

“Boy, I need you to take care of something inside.”

Paul, knew the drill. He helped her up, and then turned on the garden hose, before giving the nozzle to his Miss and removing his shoes. stood on the edge of the patio waiting for Miss to hose off the errant grass cuttings that had adhered themselves to his sweaty skin.

“Undies too!” She said with a smile, immediately before drenching him with the high powered nozzle. “Aww, too slow. It seems you’ll have to finish up with out them. Now hop inside, and if you drip on my carpet, I’m going to be very upset!”


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