Submissive in Seattle

Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink

I’m so grateful to my readers who donated to  to my Go Fund Me, or even just spread the word that I needed some cash to keep Submissive in Seattle going. I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own.


I really feel the love


I’m unemployed at the moment. I had been living on my financial aid disbursement while going to school last quarter, and that was the plan for the summer before I was foiled by some un-submitted paperwork. I’m doing some job hunting, as my twitter followers already know, and I’m on track to be back in class in the fall.

In the mean time I have a bit more energy to focus on the blog right now. I did so much writing last quarter that it was impossible to sit down and put together anything coherent here, though a few of my papers may get re-worked and show up here eventually.

I have some ideas percolating, but as I’m realizing I can’t do this without my readers, I’d love to hear from you all about what you’re interested in seeing here: what questions you want answered, what topic you want broached.

Thank you again for your support,


3 thoughts on “Back from the Brink

  1. Ferns

    Welcome back :).

    Hmmm. Things I’m interested in hearing about:

    – what your submission looks like in a week with the lovely Chaos
    – things that have been more difficult/easier than you imagined as your relationship has developed
    – how has your faith influenced your relationship
    – how are you anyway? 🙂


  2. Jess Mahler

    So glad you’re up and running again! And good luck with the job hunt.

    I think Ferns has covered it fairly well in terms of stuff I’d like to see. I’ll add your thoughts and reactions to some of the common tropes in kink and BDSM

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