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Moving, Munch, and laptop woes.

Moving, Munch, and laptop woes.

Aaaah! I’ve been computerless for a week and I ‘ve got so much to say I hardly know where to start.

I moved, finally. I got all moved last Friday, the week prior having been so stressful I hadn’t written at all, and then when I got all settled into my new digs, my laptop, which was cracked began to smoke when I turned it on. I’ve got a new one, a $300 lenovo I bought off Newegg, It’s not as nice as my dearly departed Toshiba, but it should do for now.

My new place! I wound up in a two bedroom apartment in Westlake (which is a nice quiet neighborhood twelve minutes from my work and only four from the gym.) sharing with a young woman of my acquaintance. It’s a lovely apartment (pictures below) and I think this arrangement should work out nicely.


Cozy kitchen and dining area


Nice open Living room

The other 2/3rds of my bedroom is taken up by my Bed, it’s a little small, but I really don’t need that much space.

I can’t believe how great my view is!

So there’s all that, and I’ve got some sort of exciting plans this weekend. I’m planning on going to the TNG munch on Saturday, as part of my looking into possibly finding a play partner. So I’m a little nervous and excited about that, of course plenty more news to follow.

10 thoughts on “Moving, Munch, and laptop woes.

  1. Ferns

    Welcome back, and welcome home!! The place looks great, and I love that view!!

    I know *exactly* how you felt with the lack of internets… *shudder*… scary!!

    Can’t wait to hear about the munch!

    Also, why am I seeing an ad in your post? Are you trying to sell me something? Look, I know I have a bad memory, but really, ‘Lumosity’?!! Piss off!


    1. Peroxide

      Thank you, Thank you, It feels so good to be back.

      You are of course welcome to visit anytime Ferns, anytime you like.

      I know nothing of ads, I certainly have not authorized any, but at the moment I’m having trouble seeing what you’re seeing, since I run ad-block plus.

  2. Dumb Domme

    Ferns moved. Ferns has a great view from her place.

    Peroxide moved, boasts of an amazing new, and now is sharing a place with female friend.

    Ferns and Peroxide are shacking up!

    (btw, I don’t see any ads on your page.)

    1. Ferns


      I *told* Peroxide not to mention the female flatmate OR the view!

      “People will figure it out, Peroxide,” I said.

      “No way,” he said, “it’s wayyy too obscure, no-one will EVER put the two together…”

      Then he ran around in his little gold hot pants and I forgot my own name.

      Curse you, DumbDomme for your Sherlockesque skills!! *waves fist wildly*


    2. Peroxide

      Excellent detective work, however, don’t you think my post might have a bit more of an air of jubilation if I were shacked up with Ferns? for that matter she probably would have mentioned if her move had been trans-pacific?

      I was pretty excited about my new place, but now you’ve gone and highlighted just how good I haven’t got it, thanks a lot!

  3. deviantlyromantic

    *puts on creepy stalker hat*
    I know where you live.
    *takes off creepy stalker hat*

    Really though, I was just in your area in July. I’ll be moving to Seattle next summer. It is a beautiful view. But then again, it’s Seattle, most of it is beautiful.

  4. Peroxide

    Was that you out in the bushes last night?

    I thought twice before putting up a picture om my view since I’ve seen people triangulate exactly where a picture came from using Google, but I don’t think anyone is that intensely interested in finding my location.

    In any case, I’m sure you’ll love Seattle, I’ve been here just over a year and i think it’s terrific.

  5. Gregory Allen

    Seattle’s perfect but it’s expensive. If I’d had a young woman of my acquaintance to share rent with, I probably would have never left. Does she spank you for not hanging up your bathroom towel? Eh, I suppose that’s asking a lot.

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