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Almost an embarrassing ER story

Almost an embarrassing ER story

I might be becoming a little bit of a size queen. Oh, god, that makes me blush just to type…. Anyway, I’ve got a number of anal toys, and it’s pretty common for me to have something in my ass when Chaos and I are having intercourse. We’ve also been experimenting with fisting. We haven’t gotten all the way there just yet, but tantalizingly close (riding the knuckle). Getting all the way is going to take some stretching, and I’m not sure that any of the toys I have right now quite do the job. Not only are they not big enough, well, it seems they may be too small to stay put.


Do you remember when I got a Njoy pure plug, and how we accidently got a large? Well, my butt is used to it. I’m finding that my ass wants more, wants to pull the whole thing in, and since the base/handle is rather narrow, I’ve been finding that it can ride up uncomfortably against my asshole. That wouldn’t in itself be insurmountable, except that, well, the last time we used it, Chaos was on top, fucking the hell out of me when all of a sudden–glomp– my ass swallowed the whole damn thing.


I had to excuse myself and go fishing for a minute. It was a little scary, and I was worried that I’d tense up and be unable to get it loose. Fortunately, I have been stretching, and it came out without a problem. It definitely could have been bad, but I was lucky.

Very Lucky

Very Lucky

3 thoughts on “Almost an embarrassing ER story

  1. Ferns

    Oh my god! So lucky!

    EVERY time I see a picture of some (usually young) dude with a non-flanged somethin’ in his arse, I want to send him a finger-wagging note saying ‘NO! NOOOO!! ARE YOU INSANE?!!’

    I don’t though.

    Some people need to learn the hard way *laugh*.


    1. Peroxide Post author

      The Njoy is definitely flanged, though.

      But… I don’t really have room to speak because my earliest experimentations with ass play involved whatever I could scrounge around the house. (and in one instance an extra large sharpie I bought just for that purpose.)

      1. Ferns

        Oh, yes, I know it is (though apparently not flanged ENOUGH for some… :P)… it just got me to thinking.

        *cringes at the sharpie thing*

        I suspect it happens a lot more than we ever hear about. Because how many people are going to go ‘GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ON THE WEEKEND YOU GUYZ!!’?


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