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As close as it gets: Dottie Gets Spanked

I’m taking a film criticism class this quarter, and for my mid-term I ended up watching what is possibly the best film-handling of BDSM I’ve ever seen.   Dottie Gets Spanked explores the development of kinky feelings in a young boy in an insightful and sensitive manner. It’s a short…

As Close as it Gets #3: A Knights Tale

Sorry for not posting lately folks, I’ve been working a ton. (also I just had my Xbox repaired, and find fighting dragons more relaxing that writing blog posts.) As Close as it Gets (for readers just joining us) is my ongoing series on Femdom and assorted D/s in mainstream(ish) fiction. I’ve…

As Close as it gets: #1 – The Princess Bride

There isn’t much in the way of Femdom in the media. For the most part female characters if they have dominant traits are either evil or de-sexualized. Dominant Female characters tend to all boil down to either the Wicked Witch or Mary Poppins. So, if I’m looking for some vicarious…


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