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Everything must go.

Everything must go.

If I hadn’t already mentioned in my effusive gushing, Tavi is a biter. And while I’m not the hairiest man that ever was, I’ve got a fair bit of hair on my chest. Or rather had. She didn’t like it, said it had to go, and so go it did.

I had already purchase a thing of Veet hair removal cream some time ago, but had decided against using it until I had a partner that I knew wanted the hair removed.

I decided to go whole hog with it and coated myself with the stuff between neck and knees.


About his point it was starting to sting on my more sensitive bits.

It stung a little, and smelled pretty foul but after six minutes most of my body hair came off with ease. I didn’t do my arms or legs, so I won’t likely have to answer any embarrassing questions about why I’m suddenly baby-smooth.



Does that look bite-ably smooth or what?


There were and are some straggling hairs left over, and it seems not all the hair that did come off did so at the root, so I’m left a bit itchy. Overall I’m fairly satisfied with the effect however and hope that I prove to have a more Nom-able surface now.


12 thoughts on “Everything must go.

  1. Sweets

    Veet won’t take it by the root. Waxing would do that. I’d love to assist in waxing. *smiles sweet* You’ll probably have a bit of stubbly fuzz back soon… If you aren’t going for laser hair removal… waxing is best. Did I mention I wouldn’t mind ripping strips and strips of hot wax off your body? Shame you aren’t hairier though… man-o-lanters are HOT!

    1. Peroxide

      Waxing was discussed, and perhaps when it grows back that will be something we’ll do (Tavi and I, we. Sorry Sweets.)

      I have to admit the hot wax and ripping prospect is quite appealing.

      Laser on the other hand is permanent isn’t it, if that’s the case I wouldn’t do it unless I was married to someone who wanted me hairless.

      1. Sweets

        *pouts* I’ve considered opening a just for men waxing service… well… just cause it makes me giggle! You should definitely post pics of said event if it occurs. Pretty please!

  2. Tom Allen

    I had some surgery this summer, and ended up shaving my chest to blend in with the skin stripe on my belly. Unfortunately, grey hair is more coarse, and it was scratchy, prickly, and really uncomfortable for months.

    Hope your experience with Neet pans out.

    1. Peroxide

      Yeah, I did some shaving in the Netherlands during my adolescence and the itchiness that causes without regular matainence has been a major factor in avoiding manscaping till now.

  3. Tomio Hall-Black

    I don’t remove all of my body hair, but I’ve had a bit of experience in finding things that work. Consider this only my experience/preferences

    I don’t like chemicals, and waxing isn’t really an option (I remove the hair from my scalp – not a place for hot wax, IMHO). I can’t afford laser, and I’m not sure I’d do it, anyway. So I shave a lot, and I’ve learned to get around the problem with prickliness and itching (but, honestly, neither were really much of a problem for me most of the time):
    1) Use a good, clean, sharp razor – I use a four-bladed generic disposable. Don’t try to save money by saving them beyond the point where it first begins to tug, instead of cut smoothly (and probably a bit before that).
    2) Prepare your skin/hair. The best shaving cream I’ve found that is specifically for men is made by HeadBlade and is carried at Rite-Aid (dunno what is in your area) – HeadSlick shave lotion. It’s mentholated, but not too badly, so it gets a bit warm in sensitive areas. Other than that, almost any cream marketed specifically for women works better than anything made for me. A recent discovery: Most conditioners work pretty well as shaving lotion, plus they leave your skin smooth and reduce razor burn (which should be minimized by clean, sharp razors).
    3) Rinse the blade often. A dirty blade doesn’t cut. Wipe it dry when done so it doesn’t rust and pit.
    4) Do it every day, even if you don’t need it. It will help keep ingrown hairs to a minimum. For me, it also provides a near-ritualistic part of my day when I can focus on keeping my body prepared for Her.

    You may now disregard any un-asked-for advice.

    I’m happy for you, my friend.

    1. Peroxide

      I think I will take the conditioner use and proper blade care into consideration for my face and neck.

      I didn’t mind the veet too much, and frankly the idea of waxing as play sounds like fun.

      But thank you for the advice I’ll keep it in mind.

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