Submissive in Seattle

male beauty

Everything must go.

If I hadn’t already mentioned in my effusive gushing, Tavi is a biter. And while I’m not the hairiest man that ever was, I’ve got a fair bit of hair on my chest. Or rather had.¬†She didn’t like it, said it had to go, and so go it did. I…

My body is a wonderland.

Next Friday I’m going to be at the CSPC’s Women on Top play party meeting the woman who responded to my personal ad and then had to Raincheck our previous plans. This means I’m going to be shirtless (at least) in public and right now, I feel pretty damn good…

Tell me again, How can a man be submissive and sexy?

I’m still struggling to find a way to be a sexy man. One of my major stumbling blocks is that the foundation of heterosexual male attractiveness in our culture is masculinity, which is always coded as dominant (among other things.) In preparation and inspiration for this post I read another…


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