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Tantalizing Tentacles

Tantalizing Tentacles

I really don’t feel like writing about my ongoing Jobian automotive tribulations right now. Instead I’m going I want something fun and sexy to write about, like how surprisingly hot this tentacle porn is:

I knew I was a pervert. I just didn’t know I was this kind of pervert.

This showed up on my tumblr dash last week (By this delightful artist) and I was surprised that it turned me on. I’ve never had any interest in tentacle porn before. My guess is that I’ve only really ever seen images of women being ravaged by disembodied pseudo-phalluses  in the past and since I’m not a woman, the scenario was never one that caught my attention.

The fantasy of being forcibly taken by a tentacle monster isn’t quite what does it but being restrained and roughly used for another’s sexual gratification, being probed, stretched, and thoroughly fucked in every orifice, being forced to cum over and over until I’m left a limp cum spattered wreck.

Well, that’s pretty hot.

If my debasement fueled the lust of an attractive woman, that would be just about perfect.

It occurs to me that tentacle rape is not entirely dissimilar to my pre-adolescent quasi-sexual fantasies. Most of which involved a loss of power, and some sort of tactile restriction and humiliation. If you remember Gak, I had a number of fantasies that involved being put into or covered with the slimy stuff by someone or other (I seem to remember being victimized by witches more often than not.)

As I became aware of sex, my fantasies turned more explicitly sexual and I lost the interest in mere tactile stimulation. I wonder though if I had seen images like these whether I would have latched onto that as a favorite fantasy.  It’s just as well that I didn’t because it will be be a long time before genetic engineering or virtual reality allow anyone to experience these fantasies.

9 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tentacles

  1. Ferns

    I’m not into tentacle porn, but that first image. Oh yeah!

    It’s the combination of distress, force and arousal… Helplessness, violence and non consensual sexual assault are huge hot buttons for me. Guh!! So well drawn.


  2. Tom Allen

    I used to fantasize about tentacled aliens doing unspeakable things to me when I was a young teen. And this was *way* before I’d ever seen Japanese tentacle porn.

  3. Wacko

    “For weeks after my realization, I thought about being dominated constantly. Literally constantly, (I hate the pervasive misuse of the the word literally, so when I say it, know that I mean it.)

    I would close my eyes and almost, almost be able to feel the lash.

    Going about my day, I might have my breath catch in my throat as I inadvertently imagined someone who loved me, locking my collar into place.

    I don’t remember being so single minded about anything else in my entire life.”

    Man I wish I had that kind of emotional intelligence.

    The realization of being a sub had been coming to me slowly for the past few years, but only until a few days ago it really hit me hard. I haven’t slept well in the last couple days and reading this was just what I needed.

    1. Peroxide

      I think you probably meant to comment on the post you quoted. The fact that it ended up on a post about tentacle porn rather nicely illustrates that it’s not so much that I’m especially emotionally intelligent so much as fairly young and horny.

      I was twenty before it really clicked, and I was pretty single minded for a while. It gets easier though.

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