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Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked

There is a bit of a void in my life right now when it comes to male companionship. After living last year with three very bro-y dudes (Four if you count their buddy who stayed over all the time) I usually don’t really feel much need to seek out any male bonding.

This is on my mind because on Sunday, I checked one of my major sexual fantasies off the list for the first time, and I should be able to brag about it and get high-fives, right? On the other-hand the milestone I’m so excited about wouldn’t likely get me high-fives from any of the bros I know.

Violence, Strong adult themes, and colorful language.

I spent a long, lazy, and lovely day at Tavi’s feet on Sunday. In the evening she asked if I wanted a beating and I quickly assented. It has been a couple of weeks at least since we’ve done any significant play and I watched nervously as She arranged her implements. I also got rather excited when she strapped on her cock.

If I haven’t described her cock yet, it’s because we’ve only played around with it a little, we had a cool scene planned for a few weeks ago, but that got rainchecked.

It’s a very nice cock, and I’m astounded by how BIG six inches is, maybe some of that has to do with strapping it to her smaller body, but the thing looks huge.

And it feels huge. It’s a stretch to get my mouth around it, and it doesn’t take much at all to hit the back of my throat. The first time we wanted to do some facefucking I’d just had sushi for dinner, so we didn’t push our luck.

Sunday however, I had a pretty empty stomach by the time we started playing so there was no getting off easy.

We ran through her toys, playing around lightly since it’s been so long. I could feel my pain tolerance was way down. Mostly when she beats me I muffle myself with a pillow, which works pretty well. Shoving my mouth full of silicone works pretty well too.

I was on my knees between her legs while Tavi used her claws and and crop on me for a bit, eventually she put away the toys and decided to to get down to the business of fucking my face.

It’s strange for me that one of the sexual high-points in my life doesn’t come with any bragging rights. Looking up at her as she worked her cock into my mouth. Her grip tightening on my hair as she pressed on past my gag reflex and into my throat for the first time. The frantic feeling that I might puke if she held it there for even a second longer. Her holding it there for several more seconds…

When she pulled out of my my throat the first time, I just gasped and looked up with watery eyes and managed to say “Cool.” Apparently that was adorable, because she laughed her ass off for over a minute before giving it to me a few more times. It was hot, and the cuddling afterwards was sweet.

Sunday constitutes one of the hottest, possibly kinkiest things I’ve ever done, and yet I doubt I’m ever going to get a high five for deep throating my girlfriends strap-on. Does that seem fair?

Then again, I don’t need High-fives as long as I get to do it again. (and again.)


48 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked

  1. gingernic

    Woot and Internet high fives! (from someone who got called “master-daddy-dude-ma’am-sir” this morning [long story], so this high-five comes with at least eight guy points)

    Also, props, dude. Deep throating is not easy at all.

  2. Gabriel

    I would high five you but I only come to Seattle every once and awhile. I was up there just a few weeks ago now that I think about it. But hey if you’re ever in my area and in need of a high five, drop me a line 🙂 Congrats!

  3. slave knickers

    I’m from England, where we’re not terribly good at hi-fives. May I offer you a firm handshake of congratualtion instead, we’ll done! Sounds awesome.

  4. Ferns

    This is really interesting to me. Bambi experienced something that he really really wanted to talk to someone about, and was lamenting that he had no-one to share it with (his ‘sharing’ desire was not bro-related though, just ‘friend-related’). Of course sharing it with ME doesn’t count, I was THERE, I already know!

    I think THIS is why some people get inappropriate with friends who really *really* don’t want to know (like when they first discover BDSM and have their first play, and they are all like “Woah!! That’s the BEST THING EVER!!! Must. Tell. Everyone because sooooo awesome!!! *blurt*“).

    I get to share things on my blog, and since I am completely anti-social and hate people and don’t actually want to talk to any of them, that works for me just fine. But yeah… interesting.

    Also, kudos on the hotter than hot cock sucking, bro.


    1. Peroxide

      I think you know that I’m being a little facetious with this talk of “Bros.” Still, there is culturally prescribed need to bond with ones male peers over sexual conquests that I miss out on since I preferred to be conquered than doing the conquering myself.

      I definitely have a “walking on sunshine” thing going on for a few days after some really good play, but I manage to avoid sharing anything more than “I saw Tavi last night” so I just come off as hyper-romantic rather than Hyper-perverted (Which is fine, cause I’m both.)

      The blog sharing is good, but it doesn’t quite get it out of my system.

      But thanks, I’m pretty proud of myself.

  5. Tom Allen

    “and yet I doubt I’m ever going to get a high five for deep throating my girlfriends strap-on. Does that seem fair?”

    There’s just no justice, is there?


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