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Can’t tell anyone

Can’t tell anyone

I don’t know exactly how to frame this story, but I feel pretty much obligated to share it with you folks.

With the stress of my car troubles behind me I wanted last Sunday to be something special. I brought Tavi her favorite hard cider and we spend the afternoon relaxing and drinking. For dinner I made Chicken Cordon Bleu for the first time, along with mashed potatoes and salad.

Shortly after dinner it was playtime and both of us were a bit tipsy. Tavi strapped on her cock and teased me for a while before having a go at me with the cane. I said we were a little tipsy, because the alcohol certainly did nothing to numb the pain, though I feel like it lessened my resolve some.

She gave me the cane for a while and then moved on to her teeth. Biting down hard and leaving an impressive set of chomp marks on my back. She had me lie back and cover my face with a pillow so she could really have a go a the my chest. I shook and tried to get up, but she staid latched on until I was a whimpering mess.

Tavi has a mouth like a bear trap, and I love her for it.

Tavi has a mouth like a bear trap, and I love her for it.

Once she got me back on my feet, er, knees, it was time to suck her cock. Hurting me had her all riled up and she wanted to see me gag on it, and gag I did. Just because I’ve managed it before doesn’t me I can magically overcome my gag reflex so she can fuck my throat. While I’m happy to let her try, my body wasn’t having it.

I suggested that having just so recently had a big dinner and drinks our fun might not come to a pleasant end. So we put down a towel and she dove right back in. It took only a few thrusts before my worries proved well founded and I puked on her cock.

Now, yeah that was a little gross. And it would have been nice if the towel had gotten more of it. However, I didn’t throw up much, and despite predicting it I was still kind of shocked when it happened. It was an anticlimactic end to our strap on play.

The upside is that it wasn’t that bad. Tavi and I had discussed her wanting to making me puke on her cock before, but under more controlled conditions, and after eating ice-cream, not Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Hagen daz and Strap on cocks, a winning combination

Häagen-Dazs and Strap-on cocks, a winning combination.

It also strikes me as funny how often I’ve heard stories of guys hooking up with a girl only to have her drunkenly puke on his knob. Now I’ve got a story that hits those notes, only I’ll never get to tell it.

12 thoughts on “Can’t tell anyone

  1. Neophyte

    I puked fairly early in my last relationship (a month later and I’m still feeling gloomy that it’s over). We weren’t even planning to play. It was just supposed to be lunch and a little while hanging out. But after lunch and a bit of snuggling, she had me sit on the floor between her legs, facing away from the couch.She spent a while tracing the curves and edges of my face with her fingers, then doing the same with the interior of my mouth.

    I can’t remember whether she moved or had me turn around, but we ended up facing each other, and she put two fingers on my tongue and told me to stick it out. I tried, started to gag, and stopped. “Stick your tongue out,” she told me again. She wasn’t loud, angry, or insistent. Her tone of voice was the same as if she asked me to pass her the salt and pepper. I knew what would happen if I stuck my tongue out, but looking at her face I couldn’t refuse. She knew I would do what she told me to without her getting angry, annoyed, or demanding.

    I stuck my tongue out, and I gagged. I kept my tongue stuck out, and I gagged again, and once more, then I puked on her fingers, my shirt, my jeans, the couch, and the carpet. Once my immediate panic and embarrassment subsided, it occurred to me how calm she had been about it. She didn’t freak out or run away, grossed out. That made me feel much better about it.

    It was my first time feeling like I’d really submitted to someone. I REALLY didn’t want to puke, but she told me to stick out my tongue, so I did. She was obviously engrossed in the whole thing, but I can’t otherwise describe the look on her face while she watched me stick out my tongue. But I can tell you how I felt at the moment. I felt like nothing mattered except making her happy. I felt tiny, owned, and controlled. I felt overwhelming devotion to her. Wow, was it a good feeling.

    She did most of the cleanup, and she gave me a shirt that was in with stuff for a garage sale to wear home, since my shirt was soaked through.

    1. Peroxide

      It’s one of those things where on one hand, it’s pretty gross and you don’t really find it hot because of that.

      On the other hand it is a moment of pure physical submission, making your body do something you don’t want to do, and your body doesn’t like just because she wants it.

  2. Heather Cole (@Heather_Cole1)

    Peroxide, your post made me smile. I’ve had similar experiences although I wasn’t tipsy. In fact, I recently posted about learning to deep throat. I’m still being trained, and I STILL puke on occasion (this morning my head was hanging off the bed and the oj and coffee went into my sinuses). I really like what you said in your comment about “making your body do something you don’t want to do… just because she wants it.” That’s exactly why I enjoy it even though I dislike it. Welcome to the Vomit on Cocks club! (I just coined that name if you couldn’t tell.) 😉

  3. Domina Jen

    I had to smile reading this. Sometimes unexpected, slightly gross things happen during play, but it’s awesome that you two were able to talk about it afterward. I’ve heard men tell those sorts of stories, too, and have always harbored a very mild curiosity about what it would be like to make a man puke on my cock as well. And I can definitely relate to not be able to tell these kinds of stories (that’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging. Gives me an anonymous way to share things I can’t always share with friends and family). But because of your blog, you do get to tell your story. Isn’t the internet just fantastic?

  4. Vivsub

    Nothing but admiration for your commitment to please her. Never puked, but boy I’ve come close, and like I say, I can SO identify with the feeling of complete submission, so as to please her…..Thanks for such a grounded, regularly cool blog.

  5. Samual

    Wow, interesting blog – thanks for sharing your experience! I’m agreeing with Vivsub; ‘Nothing but admiration for your commitment to please her’. 🙂

  6. Sexentric

    Firstly always good to come across a new sex-blog (That I haven’t read before) and especially good to see another male sex-blogger and a submissive at that! Awesome post very honest and not without humour. Funnily enough got nicely pegged last night (I have yet to write that up lol) and also sucked but not to that point, though I do know the feeling, having tried a real one too! I look forward to reading more and please swing by and say hi;-)

    1. Peroxide

      Hi, glad to have you reading.

      It’s a bit surprising that there aren’t more of us out there, I think much of that has to do with the fact that were are culturally saturated with messages about sex from the heteronormative male viewpoint, so the only guys who feel the need to share what sex and relationships are like for them are in some way different from “the norm.”

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