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Goodbye Kiss

Goodbye Kiss

Chaos has gone home for the holidays. *Sigh*

We spent most of the weekend together, but on Tuesday we both had much to do. By the time I got to her apartment we had only a little time before it was time to head to the airport. I did get to give her her Christmas presents which I finally liberated from the building manager’s office.

I split Chaos’ gift into a little something she could tell vanilla folks about (very little it turns out, I got her a stuffed tapir that looks much tinier in person than it did online)  and I got her something to enhance her already impressive pointy-ness.


She’s already very pointy, but I figured she’d like to be shiny and pointy at the same time!

As soon as she tried them on she ordered me to take off my shirt, and then she went to town. I guess she liked them.

She then set a timer for when we had to leave so she could do what she liked with me without worrying about missing her flight. With that done she pushed me to the floor and attacked my mouth with hers. Dragging her new claws across my skin and grinding herself against me. I was riding the line between agony and ecstasy and she was getting more worked up by the second.

“God, I’m so horny. I haven’t even had time to jack off today!” She complained.

My immediate response was “I can get you off, Boss!”

“In fifteen minutes?” She was incredulous.

Sensing a challenge, and eager to give her pleasure before she left, I lifted us off the floor and maneuvered her to the bed.

Chaos definitely enjoys our size difference (I’m 6’2″, she’s 5’0″) and she lets me manhandle her a bit when it’s to her benefit. (To be fair, she manhandles me whenever she wants.)

I pulled her pants and panties to her ankles and flipped her onto the bed before she could protest. I was pressed for time, and had a goal. Sliding my face between her thighs I spent only a moment admiring her gorgeous cunt before I started to work.

She doesn’t think it’s anything special, but I know differently. Her cunt is a thing of beauty. Lovely lips swelled with arousal, set about with downy hair, enclosing a slick, sweet, inner core. I want to lavish it with kisses, and spend the entire afternoon giving her the attention she deserves, but now is not the time.

I kiss it a few times before slipping out my tongue and giving her a few long exploratory swipes. She is wet and ready so I look up at her as I take my middle and index finger into my mouth and get them ready to slide into her. My mouth goes back to her clit as I slide my fingers inside her until I find the sweet spongy spot that makes her gasp.

Now my job begins in earnest. I focus on delivering the consistent stimulation she needs to get off. I suck and lick and nibble on her clit, breathing only as an afterthought. My fingers thrusting in and out steadily as I listen to her moan above me.

It’s hard work and my arm cramps up, and then my jaw. My face is wet with her juices and I’m probably not getting enough air, but I can feel her getting closer. Soon she grabs me by my hair and orders me not to stop as she grinds her cunt up into my face.

An order I’m happy to obey!


When Chaos finally cums I can feel her shuddering against my mouth. My tongue and fingers feel like they might fall off, but I don’t stop, not yet. I slow down though and gently let her ride it out.

*Beep* Beep* *Beep*

The alarm she had set goes off, and it looks like we came in just under the wire. There are kisses and thank you’s, and then we have to get cleaned up and head out.

Half an hour later we’re at the airport and all the goodbye kisses in the world aren’t enough. I’m glad I gave her a big one while I had the chance!

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