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Hot Plans

Hot Plans

As you already know, I’m going to a play party Friday, and I’m also going to go a Birthday party for someone I met through the BDSM scene. Which is a pretty full docket for me, since I’m often a bit of a homebody.

In anycase on Sunday I got an E-mail on my phone from my Mom asking if I wanted to go see a movie Friday.

Crap. I racked my brain for a good way to refuse (movie would have almost certainly included dinner, and I am not one to turn down free food.) without arousing my mom’s curiosity. I’m just not ready to tell her that I’m meeting strangers off the internet to hit me cause it turns me on, I’m sure you understand.

You can expect my Christmas card to look exactly nothing like this.

I decided to go with a vague, but hopefully uninteresting “I’ve got plans Friday/Saturday ect.” Unfortunately my big thumbs and touch screen phone conspired against me, so what I sent was

“I’ve hot plans Friday/Saturday…”

Which while true is the has the opposite effect than I intended. She responded with “Do tell!” which cause me to panic a little before I sent back “Got plans, not hot plans” which while not being strictly true is all she really needs (and probably wants) to know.

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