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I guess I won’t be doing that. *sigh*


My play-date had been postponed till next month. Something important came up on her end, I didn’t ask what.

While a small disappointment, the news did alleviate the butterflies I was starting to get. The nervous excitement of a new social event, and naughty fun.

It’s also given me more time to make a decision that has been swirling about in my brain, Which do I want more? To be struck on the ass, or to not be completely naked in public.

I really haven’t decided. On the one hand I’m not terribly modest, and I’ve been naked in “public” before (Skinny dipping, streaking, assorted shenanigans,) but not, to the best of my recollection, in mixed company, and never in a semi-sexual intimate sort of activity like this. The prospect, is for whatever reason, not entirely appealing to me.

On the other hand, I would quite like to have my ass, spanked, flogged and beaten six different shades of purple. So I’m torn, and now I’ve got more time to make up my mind.

10 thoughts on “Rainchecked!

  1. deviantlyromantic

    I obviously can’t tell you what to do, but I’d tell you what I’d do if I were you, and that’s not be in public for the first time of A) playing, and B) playing with a new person. It just sounds… icky. I’m practically a nudist, and even I don’t want to walk around naked/half naked/really at all naked at a play party. I’m not uncomfortable seeing other people naked, but at the same time…. watching stranger’s weenies wag around also was just… well I could have done without that part. I’m getting off topic though.

    Point is, do what you feel comfortable with, especially if this is new to you. If someone can’t respect your desire to not play in public, then they don’t deserve to play with you at all (I’m not saying she won’t respect that, just tossing that out in general… but I think you’re smart enough to know this already).

    1. Peroxide

      So I did some shirtless electrical play at a play party, and it was alright (the public aspect was alright, the play was sublime.) It was removed enough from the action that I didn’t feel like I was being heavily observed.

      I can deal with that certainly, but if the space is the same as I recall, Impact play is likely to take place in sort of a central area, so I might go with a pants on, get flogged, see how I like it, just to get comfortable sort of thing.

      I haven’t got a good private space to play, and I don’t know how many other people would either, which could present some difficulty if I decide I like this casual stuff, but can’t stand the public-ness.

  2. Dumb Domme

    Sorry to hear you’re play date has been postponed, but I’m glad to hear that you’re okay with it.

    Out of curiosity, did you correspond with this person as a result of a personal ad you posted or one that she posted? (If you’re comfortable saying, of course).

    1. Peroxide

      Actually a friend of hers, saw my add, told her and then messaged me saying I should message her, Odd no?

      In any case I’m not worried that I will have any shortage of opportunities to play so it’s no big to do if one falls through.

  3. Ferns

    But but… I *blogged* about this!! *sigh*. Honestly, some people are so selfish!

    You don’t have to get naked to get your arse beat, though. Say you want to keep your boxer briefs on. Then if you change your mind when you get there, you can always say so and I’m sure ‘whoever’ will be happy to accommodate you.


    1. Peroxide

      I wasn’t going to say that you jinxed it, but…

      “You don’t have to get naked to get your arse beat”

      Perhaps I won’t, I’ve got plenty of time to figure out what configuration of exposed skin I’m most comfortable with now.

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