Submissive in Seattle

A blogger’s work is never done.

A blogger’s work is never done.

So many of my posts have been written in the wee hours. That magical time when instead of letting me sleep my brain shifts into overdrive and floods my mind with ideas, words and phrases that I want to share. But right now I’m geting up before dawn every morning, and then trying to hit the gym before it gets too crowded or too late. And I’m apartment hunting, which is difficult and not a ton of fun.

So I have posts I want to write, they’re coming eventually, I’m going to try and get at least one solid real post out every week.

And maybe depending on how it goes, one or two smaller posts like this one, with updates on my life and short thoughts or conversation prompts.

Please enjoy this picture of Christina Hendricks in an advert for London Fog.


Fun fact: London Fog lodged a complaint against Starbucks for using their name for one of their products and so Starbucks had to stop using it. That is why if you want a London Fog at Starbucks you have to order a Black Tea Latte.




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