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Plugs for plugs

Plugs for plugs

Speaking of getting off,  Something that I’ve been interested in doing for a while now is doing some sex toy reviews. I think it would be an interesting change of pace for one. For two, I don’t recall seeing very many toy reviews by men, (although I don’t read that many men’s blogs) so I may have some unique perspective.



A sample review: The sharpie’s main benefits are it’s low price and inconspicuous appearance. Although there are “jumbo” sharpies available, they lack the girthy-ness many users may desire in a penetrative toy…

I’ve been contacted a couple times by people wanting me to post, or advertise for different things here, but never for anything I was interested in.  Toys are definitely something I’m interested in. something I’m interested in selling out for.

I’ve emailed a few companies already, but I want to  put out an open offer out there that:  Submissive in Seattle is now interested in doing toy reviews.


Pretty soon my blog will look like this, only with butt plugs.

Pretty soon my blog will look like this, only with butt plugs.

Mainly I’m hoping to review some male oriented solo toys, anal toys (I’m curious about prostate stimulators  but Tavi would prefer to see me use “meaner” toy and plugs.) and BDSM toys for couples. We don’t use restraints often, but impact toys like floggers would definitely see heavy use, and a good muffling gag would be very handy.

So if you are, or represent, a creator/manufacturer/distributor/seller of such products you can contact me at and we’ll figure out an arrangement.

I’m curious if any of my readers who also blog can recommend companies that were good to work with, or have any tips for what makes a great product review.

6 thoughts on “Plugs for plugs

  1. Andy - Ruffledsheets

    Your best bet is to read and absorb as many sex toy reviews as you can. That’s the way I started.

    Be honest, don’t just write an extended product description and take your time capturing good photographs. Your first reviews won’t be your best, but don’t worry. They’ll improve. Keep at it and above all – enjoy it!

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