Submissive in Seattle


Busy Busy Week

I’ve got piles of things I want to write about, but since it’s been almost a week since I’ve written. I figured I’d toss out a quick update. Last Wednesday I got to spend a ton of time with Tavi, which was awesome, since our midweek dates are usually kinda short. I…

What a splendid weekend.

I really have had just the most marvelous weekend. Friday I did a double workout and then lazed about playing my new video game (Dishonored, it’s really cool.) Saturday morning did some more gaming, followed treating myself to fish tacos, taking a nap, hitting the gym and then going to the Seattle…

This Weekend

Was going to be very much about me embracing both side of my odd dual natured self. But that didn’t quite go through. I did go to the TNG munch last night, had a good time. I think I had more fun this time than last, I was more relaxed,…


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