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What a splendid weekend.

What a splendid weekend.

I really have had just the most marvelous weekend.

Friday I did a double workout and then lazed about playing my new video game (Dishonored, it’s really cool.) Saturday morning did some more gaming, followed treating myself to fish tacos, taking a nap, hitting the gym and then going to the Seattle Geek munch.

My second time at the geek munch was awesome, I was really in an extroverted mood, which helped. Spent most of my time at one table playing several different games with some very cool and interesting kinksters. Had a couple of drinks and just felt great.

This morning I got up and went to Church, one that I had visited once last year and liked, but I haven’t been back to any church since then.

It was good, very familiar and comforting, I’m trying to think of the right word for how it made me feel, but I’m failing to come up with anything that describes the rightness of it for me.

On the other hand, Church, and the sermon today do bring up some feelings of role conflict that I’ve been suppressing by not engaging my religious side for a while. I intend to go back, but, well there are some things I need to hash out internally if I’m going to try and embrace  both my faith and my kink.

But on a lighter note, after Church my mom came down to take me out to lunch and a movie. We went to my favorite restaurant, and she surprised me with a new Cellphone! Which is awesome and she is the best. My old one has been giving me some grief so I’m very excited for my shiny new HTC EVO LTE.

We went and saw Seven Psychopaths which was very dark and funny, I’m a big fan of Martin Mcdonough after In Bruges, and both of these films have my hearty recommendation behind them.

After the movie she gave me a haircut, and we were just going to lighten my hair a little, but we ended up going back to the White blonde color that I took my screen name from. It’s been over a year since I’ve bleached my hair and I feel more like myself again now that it’s back. So Yay for that too!

New hair and a new phone!


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