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Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

Fuck, I’m a bad blogger. I’ve had a whole lot going on in the last month (as you might expect since my last post was about my decision to lose my virginity.) I’ve done some relativity major life changes in this time and just not had the energy to tell…

My Kingdom for a Horse

A quick update on why I’ve been so quiet the last week or so, and then we should be back to our regularly scheduled sexiness soon. May has really sucked for me. I had two car accidents in one month. The first being a textbook fender bender and the second…

What a splendid weekend.

I really have had just the most marvelous weekend. Friday I did a double workout and then lazed about playing my new video game (Dishonored, it’s really cool.) Saturday morning did some more gaming, followed treating myself to fish tacos, taking a nap, hitting the gym and then going to the Seattle…


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