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What I’ve been up to

What I’ve been up to

I haven’t posted in over a week, which may be causing some of you to worry that I’ve died.  Don’t worry, that is not the case. I’ve just been busy and tired, and short on interesting topics that can be easily written about. Lucky for me, a recap of what I’ve been up to meets at least one of those requirements.

Firstly, I mentioned that I got a promotion. Which is a bit part of why I’ve been so busy and tired. My work schedule has been totally mangled in order to satisfy  the need for shift leads at the two stores I work for. I’m closing half the week, opening the other half. Working on Saturdays. It sucks and I hate it and I don’t think it’s really worth the extra dollar an hour they’re paying me.

But I won’t have to do that forever because I’m also preparing to go to school this fall. Tavi has been pushing me to look at colleges, so I had a few meetings in the last couple of weeks, and I’m going to be applying to a community college this fall, I need about fifty credits to get my A.A. and then I’ll be apply to bachelors programs hopefully by the winter of 2014.


When I fantasize about a dominant woman forcing me to do something, it usually ins’t pursuing higher education.

I’ve been pretty good about gym going despite the busyness and exhaustion. I’ve made up what days I’ve missed. Though I’m out of the habit of updating my BFL update page whenever I go. I may change it’s format again, or just update when something notable happens.

I’m behind on writing fiction, but I’m thinking about starting to post fiction here or on a page here, when I do finish some.

The week before last Tavi went to Kinkfest, and Since I was here in town she had me look after her cat. Actually, she was in and out of town for the better part of the week. So I took fed the cat Thursday morning, and Tavi was back Thursday night and Friday morning to feed it.

Friday night, after a long day I went to feed her cat, and I couldn’t open the apartment door. Because I’ve been known to occasionally struggle with simple things, and I really didn’t want to upset her, I fiddled with the door for a good ten minutes before calling her. I was patient as she explained how a door is supposed to work, because I really didn’t want to be all “I’m not stupid” and then have it turn out that I had been doing something stupid.

Eventually the landlord was called. Their first impression when they showed up was that I must be doing something wrong, but when their master key didn’t work. I was vindicated. A ladder was fetched, and second story patio ascended to, and the doorknob was  disassembled so that I was able to feed the cat.

Tavi brought home some new Toys from Kinkfest on Sunday. Some of which I’ve gotten a taste of, some which I’m hoping to taste soon.


Not just a little taste either!

Not just a little taste either!

And that’s pretty much it, you’re all caught up on what I’ve been doing.




2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. Neophyte

    I’m kind of surprised you don’t already have some sort of degree. Your writing is certainly better than most people who don’t further their education (and better than quite a few people who do further their education). Good call on going back to school, but don’t let your goal be just to get a degree. Know what you’re getting it for, and pursue your education to meet THAT goal. You can get an associate’s in something that will make you a more attractive employee — maybe for bookkeeping or something similar. But before you invest in a bachelor’s program, be certain that you are pursuing something you will enjoy and be able to make a living from.

    On another note, aren’t scratchy things great?

    1. Peroxide

      Thank you, I always did pretty well in anything language based. I got pretty burnt out towards the end of high school and it was either buckle down and work really hard (Taking classes I knew I hated) just to graduate on time, or grab my GED and get a job.

      I’m trying to figure out what kind of job I could make a living off of and I’d be happy doing, not quite sure yet. But I’ll focus degree on something that can get me a good job. I think I’d like to write, but I don’t know if I can make a living doing that, or if going to school for it would be worthwhile.

      Scratchy things are very nice though, It’s amazing how quickly she can have me blissed out with her new claws.

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