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Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

Fuck, I’m a bad blogger.

…And I should be punished

I’ve had a whole lot going on in the last month (as you might expect since my last post was about my decision to lose my virginity.) I’ve done some relativity major life changes in this time and just not had the energy to tell you about them.

I quit my Job! Well, first I successfully signed up for school and financial aid and got all my ducks in a row. Then I sent a very succinct letter of resignation to my Manager and to HR. I did still do my two weeks there, and it was hectic, because three of us coffee drones quit around the same time, from an already understaffed store. After two years of being treated as disposable, I took no small amount of joy in seeing them scurry to find anyway to fill those spaces.

I’ve started school, too! I’m on my second week of the spring quarter; taking fifteen credits, in Sociology, English, and Psychology to start. I’m really enjoying the subject material, although my classmates leave much to be desired.

Also, I lost my virginity. Yep. I totally had sex, and lots of it.

Uh uhn uhnph!

Oddly, after over-sharing so much of my private life and thoughts here, I’m reluctant to share the details of that particularly personal event. I do plan to talk about it’s significance soon, and to continue sharing the details of my sex life, but that night I’m going to sit on; at least for a while.

I’m also hoping to get back to documenting my fitness regime, as a way of motivating myself to hit the gym more regularly.

And finally I’m looking forward to changing the layout and design of the site. What you’re reading on now is the slapdash result of trying to repair my original blog after WordPress tore it down. I want to fix the broken links where I can, and replace the lost images; as well as creating a cleaner, more professional look for the whole site.

Now that I’ve caught you up on the basics, you can look forward to hearing from me more regularly once again.

Thank you for reading,


– Peroxide


One thought on “Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

  1. Jess Mahler

    The guy in that pic is looking way to happy for that be called ‘punishment’.

    Yay! for things going well, and school, and all other good stuff. Very, very happy to (reading between the lines) learn that your first sex was good sex and hope you continue to have much good sex *wink*

    Good to see you again.

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