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Good Boyfriends Eat Ass

Good Boyfriends Eat Ass

I’m not quite sure where I first heard that eating ass was a “thing,” or when I first wanted to do it.

I’ve always been orally fixated. Early on in my development of the concept of sex, I latched onto the idea that being proficient at oral sex was key to being a good lover. The first time I took any initiative with sex was to go down on my first girlfriend. I really liked it, the tactile pleasure of using my tongue, the way I’m positioned lower than my lover, the sensory overload, and maybe  especially the lack of psychological pressure to perform and come that can be attached to using one’s penis. I find giving oral to be a way of giving pleasure that is less stressful, and therefore more enjoyable for me.

But the question of how I got from eating cunt to eating ass is a little harder to figure. I mean, I like butts a lot. I’m definitely an ass man, but when it comes to butts and penetration, I am ninety-nine percent more interested in being penetrated than doing any penetration myself.

When Chaos and I first got together, we filled out a little BDSM checklist to find out where we were compatible, and I was definitely curious about eating ass, though all of my responses were still filtered through the idea of waiting to get married before I had “sex.”  In the last few years, I encountered the subject in a few ways that stood out to me: at least one pretty well-written piece of smut had a submissive guy making a woman come just by eating her ass, and then I saw this post floating around on tumblr and it just stuck with me. I want to eat ass.


And I want to be a good boyfriend

And I want to be a good boyfriend


I definitely asked her about it at some point, and she seemed disinterested. I try not to dwell upon sexual interests of mine that don’t line up with Chaos’ too much. But an interest in butt munching was definitely growing in me. Chaos loves ass worship, so even before we ever got around to me eating her ass, I was kissing and licking her cheeks a fair amount.

I think for her, it was Dumb Domme’s post about getting rimmed that piqued her interest. And she agreed to try it, with some caveats, since for her, her asshole was not a happy sexy part of her body.  It was to be after she had gotten waxed. And it was to be in the shower.

I remember the day that she came over and revealed that she had gotten waxed, there was an especially naughty look on her face when she asked me if I knew what that meant.

Sitting on the floor of the shower as the spray cascades down her body, she backs up to my mouth and tells me to do it. And I do, I bury my face between her ass cheeks and start licking, This is the nastiest, naughtiest thing I’ve ever done. I can barely breathe because the water is pouring right into my face, but I don’t want to stop. I keep licking and probing, and reach around with my fingers, I want her to enjoy this, because I enjoy doing it.

And I think I've more or less succeeded on that front.

And I think I’ve more or less succeeded on that front.

We have done it a handful of times since then, and not just in the shower. It’s not our very favorite thing, for either of us, but it is so deliciously naughty. Even with all the other kinky things we do, licking her butthole… just feels so much more perverted.  Eating ass hits all the buttons that make me love giving oral, with the added bonus of a boundary-pushing thrill. And Chaos seems to enjoy the sensation, when she can get out of her head. The “nastiness” factor doesn’t thrill her in the way it does me. In the end though she enjoys seeing my eagerness when she indulges me.


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