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Chaos and I have been doing a lot more puppy play recently than I ever suspected I would engage in. It started with, I don’t know, her commenting that I was like a cute puppy, especially when my hair would flop over my face. She started using “puppydog” as often as “boytoy” as a pet name for me. Chaos loves dogs, and neither of us live somewhere where we can have one at the moment, so when she bemoans the fact that she doesn’t have a dog, I often offer to be a surrogate.

Snuffle her. Kiss her. Lick her face until she smiles.


I never really thought I’d like puppy play for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was sort tied together in my mind with furries. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I don’t identify as anything other than human. For me the puppy-ness really isn’t the point, so much as being owned and controlled by Chaos.


The other thing was with the exception of collars and leashes, I didn’t like the look of a lot of the gear associated with puppy play. I’m not into masks; they don’t make me feel sexy, and they do make me just a little claustrophobic; I don’t find them comfortable. Since I often saw this sort of play represented with masks and as an extended practice of being non-human I was never interested until now.


Also, I’m not this tough.

But, I do love collars and leashes for general D/s play. Now I’ve got a dog tag for my collar, and two puppy-tail plugs (one of which is too big for even my slutty ass.)  Puppy play has proven to be a really good way to have a little D/s when my spoons are otherwise low. What’s great about it is that it is so silly and light-hearted (not that D/s play is inherently serious) that it feels easy to slip into the role of puppy for me. In that role there is a heightened sense of hierarchy, of the dominance and submission that can get lost in the stresses of everyday life.

Puppy play allows for a very distinct power dynamic to emerge with relative ease. It puts me in a place where I am not thinking about anything other than making my owner happy. A lot of the thoughts, worries, and stresses of life do not slip away so easily when Chaos and I have done D/s and service in other ways. She also says that for her, when I am being her puppy, she feels that since the role of owner is naturally caretaking, she doesn’t have to balance caretaking and the expression of dominance in the way that she does in other roles. Because it is a light-hearted and fun way to do D/s, it is more flexible than other types of play, it is easier to maintain for both o us.

Plus, I’m a really cute puppy.

So Cute

So Cute!

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