Submissive in Seattle


Good Boyfriends Eat Ass

I’m not quite sure where I first heard that eating ass was a “thing,” or when I first wanted to do it. I’ve always been orally fixated. Early on in my development of the concept of sex, I latched onto the idea that being proficient at oral sex was key…

Ride’em Cowboy

A few weeks ago Chaos tried to fist me again. It was marvelous; she’s getting pretty close to being able to fit her whole hand inside me, I told her that I had stretched myself out with Dita (my biggest and most realistic dildo) ahead of time. When she told…

“Butt stuff” for Boys (and beginners)

I have an amazing girlfriend, who sometimes fucks me in the ass. The act is not only pleasurable in itself, but also a deeply erotic fulfillment of long-held fantasies. I’m not quite sure exactly when I began to experiment with “Butt Stuff,” but it was at some point in my…

Meeting Dita

About three weeks ago I took advantage of Tantus’ closeout sale and bought myself the Tantus Hank. This is the second time I’ve gotten a great deal from Tantus, and I definitely recommend keeping an eye on their sales if you’re an impoverished pervert like myself, but still want high…


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