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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

Particularly astute readers may have already gleaned that I met a young woman last weekend. Tavi, is the ginger switch who, after playing games at the geek munch on Saturday messaged me about getting together for some more hang out time and possibly some play.

We met for drinks yesterday evening and I daresay the chemistry was palpable. As I told her several times last night, she is definitely trouble. For starters, if you were going to send a robot back in time to kill me, she is precisely the model you’d use to catch me off guard. Ginger, curves for days, and a particularly look of gleeful mischief that has ever been a weakness of mine.

She figuratively could have opened with “Your clothes, give them to me, give them too me now.” and the night still would have progressed the same.

We talked about what we both liked, kinks and otherwise, what we were looking for, limits ect. She took some pleasure in playing a game at making me blush at the table. Not an especially challenging game, to be certain, but one she enjoyed.

We had a good time and it was we agreed that we will be playing together soon as the opportunity arises, and then she invited me back to her place to watch a movie and cuddle a bit.

Things progressed from there, cuddles to some light play, pinching, biting, pinning (Oh, god, did I mention she’s done martial arts and is wicked strong *drools*) A gentleman shouldn’t kiss and tell, but yeah, we rolled through my softer limits like they were Marzipan roadblocks.

Look at that bite mark folks, no wonder I’m all swoony.

Alarm bells may be ringing for you, if you have read this recent post, wherein I write about this very conundrum, but wherever my personal Jiminy Cricket is he hasn’t bothered me yet.

She and I will probably need to have a little bit more of a talk about how tractable I can be, but I think I trust her to stick to dancing along the banks of the Rubicon rather than actually trying to cross.

Now, It may sound to you dear reader, as if I’m tuning up my fiddle while a fire is being kindled, and perhaps I am, but… Nah, I’ve got nothing so just sit tight and enjoy the music.

10 thoughts on “Playing with Fire

  1. Neophyte

    WOOOOOO!!! Good for you. She sounds lovely, and pinching, pinning, and biting (oh, yes, biting!) sounds like a lot of fun. Nonetheless, a firm talk is probably in order.

    1. Peroxide

      She is lovely, and it was lots of fun, (And the biting was divine) but yeah, need to have a firm little check up to make sure she and the rational side of my brain are on the same page (as opposed to she and the fun side.)

  2. M. Date

    There seems to be a strangely colored cloud hanging over your ship, there, dear Peroxide. Those clouds apparently rain fun. Well done! And good luck not getting sucked into the Bermuda Triangle!

    Okay. So sometimes I go overboard.


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