Submissive in Seattle


Communication and Vocalization

Really Peroxide, another one of these “guess what I did last night?” posts, really? Yeah, really. Deal with it. Tavi and I went out to brunch on Sunday, my favorite place, it was quite lovely. I’ve been thinking about, worrying about, fretting over the boundary discussion I knew we needed…

Playing with Fire

Particularly astute readers may have already gleaned that I met a young woman last weekend. Tavi, is the ginger switch who, after playing games at the geek munch on Saturday messaged me about getting together for some more hang out time and possibly some play. We met for drinks yesterday…

Of two (or more) minds

Clarisse Thorn, who I’ve been reading more and more recently, posted a comment on her most recent post that really encapsulates something I’ve been trying to express for a while. … people have fragmented selves and non-unified minds; we’re pulled in so many directions by biology, culture, outside incentives, etc. But…


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