Submissive in Seattle

casual play?

An Infinite amount of Dommes

I have this thought, that with enough time the right woman could get me to do anything. I tend to think that people are capable of anything under the right circumstances, and I wonder how malleable I would be in the hands of a woman that really knew how to…


  My play-date had been postponed till next month. Something important came up on her end, I didn’t ask what. While a small disappointment, the news did alleviate the butterflies I was starting to get. The nervous excitement of a new social event, and naughty fun. It’s also given me more…

Under-thinking precedes Over-thinking

If you are at all familiar with my blog you should be able to tell that I over think almost everything, especially in regards to inter-personal relationships. Except sometimes I don’t. You may recall that I totally jumped the gun on signing up for OKCupid. I sometimes think about finding…


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