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Sleep when I’m dead.

Sleep when I’m dead.

Earlier this week, Tavi asked me if I could be her ride Friday night. She had a thing for work, and there would be drinking, and she’d appreciate a ride home. Of course I readily agreed, The opportunity to see her, serve her, even for a small task like this is always delightful. I did have to work saturday morning, but seeing her was worth missing out on some sleep.

She told me it probably wouldn’t be too late, and, the best part is that she said I could have an extra orgasm for my trouble, two if she ended up staying out later than eleven.

Now, this next bit may be TMI… Sometime after nine I got a little bored. I poked around online for a bit and eventually found some decent erotica and was enjoying that while I waited for the text to come pick up Tavi. Since writing this post I have been focusing a bit on changing up my masturbatory habits, and last night I discovered something.

I wasn’t trying to get off, since I hadn’t yet picked up Tavi, and wasn’t certain that I had officially “earned” my extra orgasms. But I got to sort of a pleasant place where it all feels good and stopped stroking, and just… um, squeezed my scrotum in such a way that my tescicals were pulled away from my body, and just held on tightly like that.

That made my dick really hard, all swollen and veiny. Before long, without additional physical stimulation (besides the squeezing) I started to climax. Which freaked me right out because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to do so just yet. So I tried to stop it by squeezing off my urethra, but just ended up having one of the more intense orgasms in recent memory.

Like this, but with less municipal damage.

Like this, but with less municipal damage.


I then texted Tavi, telling her what happened and trying to clarify whether I should be thanking her for an orgasm as usual, or apologizing profusely for cumming without permission. Fortunately she felt it was the former, so I wasn’t in trouble.

But yay! I figured out something new about my pleasure system!

Anyway. After that, Tavi ended up staying out till one, when I went and picked her up.

I was so tired, but it was worth it. I’m going to get my ass kicked for this, but Ma’am is adorable when she’s drunk and excited. She gets all happy and bouncy and fluffy, and I totally forget about how much she can hurt me or that she doesn’t like being told that she’s adorable.

It was a fun little drive back to her place, I just enjoyed the closeness. And we talked about some play we want to do when we’ve got the time.

I went home and it was almost two am. I had to open at work at Five thirty this morning. I still used my second extra orgasm before going to bed.

I was miserable at work, but then again, it’s never all that enjoyable. So it was totally worth it.

It’s surprising, but people will still buy coffee from someone who looks like this.


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    1. Peroxide

      I figured that this might be worth oversharing, because I can’t recall ever seeing serious discussion about the benefits of men changing up their masturbatory routine.

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