Submissive in Seattle



Recently I became a moderator for a new subreddit called /r/FemdomCommunity. (A subreddit being sort of like a forum with in a larger forum on the website Reddit, in case you didn’t already know.) I volunteered for the gig, because I am interested in seeing the space evolve into a helpful place…

Going to bat

The struggle to make male submission an accepted expression of sexuality is obviously just one teeny-tiny part of a larger struggle for the freedom of sexual expression everywhere. It’s one of those instances, where I figure one should lead, follow or get out of the way. I very much appreciate the…

A taste of your own medicine

So I’ve been hanging out on reddit a bit, and it’s been pointed out that it’s not really the place to be for body-positive or sex positive thought. But there are some absolutely wonderful threads on sex too. And then there are things that catch me by surprise, like this…


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