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My Birthday, her toy.

My Birthday, her toy.

Friday was my twenty-fourth birthday. Honestly it was the best birthday I can remember having. I although I’ve got a bit of a stomach bug that’s been going around. I spent the better part of the day trying to get over than so I could enjoy the evening with Tavi. I spent my time couch potato-ing, playing Skyrim, then taking a nap before I got myself cleaned up and depilated for our date.

With myself scrubbed up and my apartment tidied, I waited with my yet-unopened birthday present on my bed for Tavi to arrive. When she texted me that she was here, I was simultaneously receiving Birthday greetings from my cousin and so it took me a few moments to see that Tavi had texted and had to dash up two flights of stairs to let her in.

She was gorgeous. She always is, but she had gotten done up especially for the occasion. I’m not one to fawn over clothing and I’m always perfectly happy to submit to her torments whether she’s in a bathrobe or a bustier, but well, it has an effect. Opening the door to find her in heels, stockings and a pencil skirt stopped me in my tracks. I believe I made what she affectionately calls Derpface.

Back in the apartment, I got to finally open my Birthday present. Which arrived a week ago and has been burning a hole in my brain ever since. We got my first play collar! and it’s lovely, here look at this picture!

I had it made by a woman on Etsy, She may be under the impression that it was for a non-human pet, and so I'm not going to link directly, but if you want the artist I'll happily sent you her way

I had it made by a leatherworker on Etsy, She may be under the impression that it was for a non-human pet, and so I’m not going to link directly, but if you want the artist I’ll happily sent you her way

I’m really happy with it, it’s burly and bold. It feels strong, secure and I don’t know, manly? It’s heavy-duty and masculine feeling collar. It fits me, you know? I’m just pleased as punch.

I had told Tavi that all I cared about my birthday was spending it with her, not having to make very many decisions or drive. I let her pick out a plan for the evening and was happy just to be with her.

We went to the CSPC again. While the public scene isn’t really the most comfortable place for me (I have difficulty feeling at ease around people I don’t know well) It was a venue where I wouldn’t have to be stifled.

We hung out and chatted for a bit, Tavi new a few people. I had met a couple others. Eventually we were looking for a space to play. Even though it wasn’t crowded that early all the furniture was either occupied or directly adjacent to set ups that that looked like they’ed take up space.

While we waited for a couch to open up, She started on me. Tugging on my nipple rings, pinching my sensitive under-arms, biting my mother-fucking ears (that might be the worst.)  I’m fairly certain she was enjoying making me scream in public, but I was only vaguely aware of the other people there.

A couch became available and we we claimed it. Or rather Tavi claimed it and I knelt in front of it. I think we went straight into her punching me in the chest. Which hurts, and it is difficult to kneel and take over and over again. Possibly cause I was a little sick, or possible because it’d been a few weeks since we’d had any significant play, but I was really flinchy, taking only three-five punches at a time before I’d dodge or hide in her lap.

I felt bad that I wasn’t taking more for her, she looked a little upset, that I wouldn’t stay still  and I started to think about her being disappointed in me, that and the pain, had me crying pretty freely before long.

I forgot to mention the stomach biting, at one point she bit my stomach and made me choose between that or more punching.

I forgot to mention the stomach biting, at one point she bit my stomach and made me choose between that or more punching.

After a while, we moved to a back room that had beds and bit more privacy. We were the only ones back at the time and so we made the bed and stripped down a bit further for birthday spankings. I lay on my stomach and hugged a pillow as she set about reddening my ass with a wooden spoon. I couldn’t tell you how long this went on, only that I was before long sobbing into both pillows as she beat every inch of my poor ass.

Eventually, she asked me how I was doing and if I still wanted my birthday spankings. I said I did, and she said that because she was nice they’d be bare-handed and that I was to count twenty-four, twelve on each cheek. Bare handed isn’t so bad, I didn’t need to hesitate for anything other than the last couple spanks per cheek. Knowing this of course, She decided that I needed twenty four with the spoon as well, which was harder for certain, but still not as difficult to count as when she did my chest weeks ago.

Afterwards there were cuddles and kisses and comfort. It really was exactly what I wanted for my birthday. We cleaned up and dressed and made our goodbyes and when up to Capitol hill for dinner. We got a corner booth at Cafe Presse and shared a lovely candle lit dinner, with me still sporting my collar. If anyone thought anything of it they gave no sign.

Over dinner we talked about, lots, but mostly our relationship and where it is headed, where we would like it to go vs where it is likely to go.  Just a good solid check-in for the most part but it gives me a lot to process. Some of the limits we set initially have already been crossed, some are becoming obsolete and some need to be checked I guess.

Basically there were a bunch of things that I wasn’t keen to do if this was going to be a casual thing. Now, it’s not casual, it may not last forever, but it’s hardly casual. So we’re getting a little more serious. Tavi brought up that she would like to move into doing more of a D/s thing. Which is awesome, that’s really what gets me going, and since it no longer makes sense to hold off on that for fear of getting attached the only thing holding us back is… How much can I submit and still maintain my no sex before marriage limit?

It’s not that she would push (although, we both think about it a lot, but that’s a whole post in itself) but if we start doing D/s, set up a contract, put her in charge, get me a training collar, am I still going to want to say no to something we both want?

It’s not something that has to be decided immediately, but it gave me lots to think about.

On a final note, I had dinner with the parentals this evening and I told my mom that I was seeing someone and that she has another boyfriend. It went pretty well, though Mom is probably coming down next weekend to take me shopping and I expect to be more heavily interrogated then.


11 thoughts on “My Birthday, her toy.

  1. Ferns

    I know I wished you happy birthday already, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY OVER HERE TOO!!! Sounds like a really wonderful night.

    “I told my mom that I was seeing someone and that she has another boyfriend.”

    Good for you, and your mom is obviously awesome.

    I would NEVER tell my friends or family (in fact, I don’t even tell them when I am seeing someone). It’s really none of their business. Mind you, I never talk about my personal relationships with anyone. Except *everyone on the internet*, of course, and that doesn’t count…


    1. Peroxide

      Thank you again Ferns, I had a very happy birthday indeed.

      My mom is pretty awesome. I told my Mom because it’s not so casual anymore. If Tavi is a big part of my life then there are times when it is helpful for my mom to know about her. It’s nice to be able to answer questions like “what did you do for your birthday?” honestly (well, honestly, just not completely.)

  2. Neophyte

    1. Happy belated birthday.

    2. I was really flinchy this weekend too. I think it had more to do with just not being in the right frame of mind than anything else. I’ve actually had a couple of really good scenes right as I was getting over being ill, but if you were still feeling crummy, I can see how it could really knock down your pain tolerance.

    3. It sounds like you brought up the topic of dating someone who is poly about as well as you could have. I really don’t know how I would address that with my parents. But if things keep moving the way they are currently, I might have to figure that out sooner rather than later.

    1. Peroxide

      1. Thank you.

      2. Flinchy happens, It can be hard to overcome the flight response, it seems to take just the right head space and a lot more discipline than I possess. Not being sick is also a plus.

      3. It depends on your relationship with your parents as well. I told my mom, and usually we have a really good relationship and I should be able to talk to her about anything, but the BDSM stuff is probably too much for her.

      I wanted to tell her I’m dating Tavi because we spend a lot of time together, so any discussion on what my life is like right now would be full of holes without mentioning her. And I had already mentioned “my friend” Tavi and her boyfriend, and my mom tends to soak up that sort of information, so either I had to spill the beans on Tavi’s Poly status or outright lie about it, I chose to go with the truth.

      If you don’t have to tell your parents about it, life will probably be simpler, if you do, well best of luck.

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