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Meeting Dita

Meeting Dita

About three weeks ago I took advantage of Tantus’ closeout sale and bought myself the Tantus Hank. This is the second time I’ve gotten a great deal from Tantus, and I definitely recommend keeping an eye on their sales if you’re an impoverished pervert like myself, but still want high quality toys.

When it arrived the first order of business was of course to rename the toy, because while I’m okay fucking myself with a half foot of silicone cock, I feel a little eh, iffy fucking myself with something called Hank. I put out the call on Twitter and one of my E-friends (who has her own sexy tumblr blog over here) came through with Dita.

I'm much more comfortable being sodomized by a Dita. No Idea why.

I’m much more comfortable being sodomized by a Dita. No Idea why.

Elegant and Curvy, my Tantus Dita, has some heft to it. Not quite as big as Tavi’s cock, Dita does seem to have a larger head but perhaps it’s because tantus silicone isn’t quite as soft as the Vixskin. Regardless, I wasn’t able to deepthroat it Dita at all in preparation for the next time Tavi takes a go at my esophagus.

Since I got Dita on a Friday, and I wasn’t going to be permitted to orgasm till Sunday, I brought her with me, along with a few other goodies, to Tavi’s on Sunday. We went to a party  that afternoon where Tavi had all the drinks. When we got back to her place she sent me to walk the dog so she could relax.

When I returned she had all the toys laid out on her bed, and she had me strip down and get on my knees. Because she’d been drinking we stayed away from the nastier implements, sticking to wooden spoons and a heavy wooden hairbrush (which was so much meaner than I’d anticipated.) I loved it, right up until she busted it on my ass.

After she’d enjoyed that enough she told me to  get up and fuck myself with Dita while she watched. This is exactly what I wanted to do, but still I flushed with embarrassment at the order. The head on Dita, is just a bit wider than the girthiest part of my Tantus spiral, so I was grateful that Tavi let me use lots of lube, and take it easy on the initial penetration. The sensation was intense and intoxicating, a bit of discomfort drowned out by a lot of pleasure. If I grow up to be a size queen, this will be why.


And this is why I'm okay with that possibility.

And this is why I’m okay with that possibility.


She watched me from behind as she used her Jackrabbit on herself, urging me to go harder and faster. pushing down on my hand when I wasn’t penetrating deep enough. the sound that came out of me when she did that, must have turned her on because she did it several more times before she climaxed.

Afterwards we cuddled in her bed, and I got to be the little spoon with Dita still inside me, feeling Tavi pressed in close against my back. We laughed about just how much of a bottom I am, and the irony of my heterosexuality.

We had so much fun that night that I brought Dita back the next weekend. This time, Tavi had me penetrate myself and hold Dita in while I was being beaten.  Every time a strike would land I’d clench tighter about the phallus in my ass. Whenever she’d catch the base of the dildo with her cane, I could feel it all the way inside me.


Basically, like this.

Basically, like this.


It wasn’t a quick beating either, she took her time. Evidently she was enjoying herself.

So Dita’s definitely my favorite new toy. The only downsides being that there is no hollow in the base to add a vibrator or a suction cup for some off the wall fun.


7 thoughts on “Meeting Dita

  1. Neophyte

    I’ve done a little bit of anal play, and I wouldn’t care one whit about the lack of a suction cup. I just don’t get anything out of solo anal play. With a partner, though, it’s fantastic.

    1. Peroxide Post author

      I really enjoy anal stimulation as an addition to masturbation. A lot, It really, really does it for me. Plus I’m still hunting the elusive prostate, and I think the suction cup would come in handy since the angle for reaching around and fucking oneself is tiring.

      Anal stimulation with a partner is in another class altogether (just like most everything with a partner.)

      1. Neophyte

        To each their own. It just isn’t for me. And I do know what you’re saying about the reach being tiring. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and my forearm and shoulder were both sore at the end, and it wasn’t some prolonged thing, either.

  2. Ferns

    Both of your comments make me want to go and make up ‘endurance exercises for anal play’…

    In fact ‘strengthening for wankers’ is what I’m considering calling the related book and video series.

    I can start an entire industry around it. Someone call Oprah!!


    1. Peroxide Post author

      It’s more the angle than anything, and if you’re not hitting the elusive P-spot every time, I find bending your arm back and around takes a lot of the hotness out of the sensation of being fucked. So it ends up being a lot of work, with little reward, and I get tired of it quick.

      Maybe a strength training course would help, but I think some sort of easy wall mount would serve me better.

    1. Peroxide Post author

      It’s definitely one of those things that manages to be both extremely hot and totally comforting at the same time.

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