Submissive in Seattle


Luckiest Boy in The World

I really am the luckiest boy in the world. I’m almost tempted to leave it at that, because I cannot possibly come up with the words to describe how wonderful and amazing Chaos is. I’m such a sappy cheese-bucket when I think about her that this whole post will probably…


I’ve mentioned on twitter that the lock to my collar ended up triggering a previously unsuspected nickel allergy. It took me about a week to figure out what was going on, and start looking for solutions. The first thing we tried was coating the back with nail polish. The cheap…

Collar’d Me

I’m way behind on posting about this, but I’ve been exhausted this week and couldn’t quite bring myself to put it together. It’s exciting news, but the story is a bit anti-climactic. If you follow me on twitter you already know, I’ve been wearing Tavi’s collar for almost a week now. For…


You know what I kink on harder than pegging, or spanking, or biting, or gingers? Ownership, and symbols of ownership. It’s hard to explain, My masochism seems to me a relatively innocuous kink compared to the desire to have someone else control my autonomy. Which is why I found it easier to explain my…


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