Submissive in Seattle


How To find (and catch) a Male Submissive

There are a lot of posts, guides, lists, and how-tos floating around online telling submissive men how to find themselves a dominant woman. And there are lots of guidesĀ availableĀ on how to go about dominating a submissive man. But I’ve noticed a distinct lack of guidance and advice specifically for dominant…

Talk to your partner!

Seriously, do it. That’s always the answer to relationship questions. Even in… hell, especially in D/s relationships. More communication is a good thing. About once a week I see a thread pop up on /r/BDSMCommunity that goes something like this. My SO is submissive and I’m sort of new to…

Tell me again, How can a man be submissive and sexy?

I’m still struggling to find a way to be a sexy man. One of my major stumbling blocks is that the foundation of heterosexual male attractiveness in our culture is masculinity, which is always coded as dominant (among other things.) In preparation and inspiration for this post I read another…


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