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Tasting her

Tasting her

In the dim light of her room I light the candles and get undressed as instructed. When she’s ready she comes in, already naked, and tells me to assume the position. I grab the pillow that I will use to muffle my cries and bend over at the end of the bed. I can feel her behind me, not even touching me yet, just standing there, looking, anticipating.

The first touch of the cane is like electricity, expected and yet instant and unpredictable. She follows up with more, many more. Not full strength, but hardly painless. The early blows fall like rain across my cheeks.

She is like a butcher tenderizing meat, she knows well that each hit is making me more sensitive, so that when she really wants to let go I’ll feel it more intensely. There is kindness in it too, working me up to it gets the blood flowing, puts endorphins into my system, weaves pleasure in with the pain.

After a while she instructs me to spread my legs wider. She begins to tap, not so gently on my testicles. Striking my balls is like striking a chime, there is the initial impact, which hurts, causes me to to cry out a little. After that though it resonates out and continues to hurt, making me whimper and moan. Every time she hits my balls my body tries to retract them, protect them, and then slowly they relax again. I can hear her laughing watching my balls shrink up into me and then slowly come out of hiding only to get another taste of her cane.

Eventually she tires of her game and sets to work upon my ass again. The tenderized portions of which she chooses to give extra attention. It’s difficult to stay still, especially when she begin to put more of her strength into her strikes. Either I shake and writhe to get away, (which earns her ire) or I scream and scream into the pillow.

Her striking gets harder and faster. I can hardly stand it as she focuses entirely on a single fucking spot. I want to get away. I want it to stop. It hurts so bad I cannot help but growl.

No sooner does the sounds leave my throat than I am reminded that I am very certainly not permitted to make angry noises. I whimper in acquiescence and whimper some more in pain.  For my insolence I’m treated to some especially hard strikes. All I can do is bite the pillow and pour my cries into it. So my beating continues for some time, until without warning or climax it ends (I shall later learn that she broke the cane on my ass.)

She climbs onto the bed as I sob gently into the pillow. The pain has subsided to a dull warmth, so I look up at her waiting for a command or permission to do something. She indicates that I’m supposed to get up onto the bed with her, between her open legs.

The moment I’ve been waiting for for weeks, I’ve been craving, fantasizing, and dreaming about forever is finally here. “Lick” she commands and I cannot do anything but obey. I’m blissed out after my caning, one simple order takes all of my focus. There is nothing for me outside the parting of her thighs.

Hurting me has left her swollen with excitement, as I dip my head to her vulva I can feel the heat heat of it on my face. I kiss gently around the edge of her womanhood before she forces me in deeper. She doesn’t want to be teased, she wants to cum, and I set to my task with pleasure.

Working my tongue through the folds of her labia, I stroke upwards to her clit. There I focus my efforts. Listening to her breathing and her moans it is evident what she enjoys.

Naturally and without thought I continue my simple, repetitive, insistent ministrations. She is enjoying my attentions, but my love wants more. She tells me I need to suck on it.

Obediently I take her slick flesh between my lips, applying suction and flicking my tongue up and down. Occasionally I remember to breathe through my nose, but I never stop sucking and licking.

This continues for an eternity or an instant, it’s hard to tell. She grabs me by the ears, pulling my face into her. I can no longer breathe, not that it matters. I continue with my task, my purpose, until She cries out and spasms with pleasure and pushes me off of her sensitive flesh.

Still drunk on endorphins I sit dumbstruck by the sight of her beauty until she tells me to come cuddle. She holds me and tells me I’ve done well. She didn’t think I’d be able to get her off on my first try. I tell her that she gives good cues. She laughs. She holds me.

We give it another go that night, with her on top of me it’s harder to breathe, but I manage to make her climax again. Afterwards I’m rewarded by being allowed to sit with her up on the couch when we watch movies and relax. She laughs at my excitement at the rare privilege.

It’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

27 thoughts on “Tasting her

  1. Neophyte

    Ah, I’ve had a couple of canes broken over my ass and thighs. It takes quite a bit.

    The bit about it going for an eternity or an instant rings familiar. I lose all track of time when I’m playing with my domme (and I’m so excited that I can call her that now).

    1. Peroxide

      Honestly I don’t even remember it being that hard, but she just had the one and it was well worn.

      I’ve always been skeptical of “subspace” since I don’t usually feel “floaty” like a lot of people describe it, but my usually noisy brain gets quiet, and time goes squiffy. Happy to hear your relationship is growing.

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