Submissive in Seattle


Tasting her

In the dim light of her room I light the candles and get undressed as instructed. When she’s ready she comes in, already naked, and tells me to assume the position. I grab the pillow that I will use to muffle my cries and bend over at the end of…

Oh, what a night!

Scratch that this should be called Oh, what a beautiful morning! My weekend was great if you hadn’t guessed, or if you don’t follow me on twitter. I’ve got quite a bit to talk about, some of it may have to wait for later posts, but for now let’s do…

Can’t let go.

So I watched Tangled Friday ┬ánight. I don’t usually watch family movies, but I had heard good things, and I wanted a feel good movie. It’s quite good, (and it involves frying pan beatdowns and hair bondage ) but unexpectedly I got a little choked up here and there, and…


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