Submissive in Seattle


Getting off isn’t so easy

Something I remember reading when I first started looking into BDSM was that it wasn’t necessarily sexual for some people. This was a little tricky to grasp for me because it is pretty intensely sexual for me. Well, parts of it are. D/s is definitely how I enjoy my romantic and sexual interactions to play out,…

Tasting her

In the dim light of her room I light the candles and get undressed as instructed. When she’s ready she comes in, already naked, and tells me to assume the position. I grab the pillow that I will use to muffle my cries and bend over at the end of…

TMI Tuesday

I’m been rather busy as of late, but I think I need to get at least a quick post up to fill you all in. Sunday night was date night for Tavi and I. She asked me to write up a revised list of hard limits for our transition in…


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