Submissive in Seattle


Pride before the Fall

First things first, you’ve probably heard that lately WordPress has been pulling sex blogs with no notice. I’ve backed up Submissive In Seattle, and am looking about for a way I can self host, but I don’t really have any money to spend on it, and I don’t want to…

TMI Tuesday

I’m been rather busy as of late, but I think I need to get at least a quick post up to fill you all in. Sunday night was date night for Tavi and I. She asked me to write up a revised list of hard limits for our transition in…

Kissing, Sigh.

Recommended listening:¬†Swimming Pool – The Submarines I miss kissing. Often. As much as I think/fantasize about sex, I’m just as likely to be thinking about kisses. With the exception of a Chinese karaoke hostess in Dailang, I haven’t been kissed since my last relationship, which was so long ago my…


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