Submissive in Seattle



It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. Work has been a stressful and my schedule has left me weary and on edge. I’m probably also dealing with a bit more depression related angst  in the background than usual. To cap it off, on Thursday I had the second…


There was a post I was thinking about writing at one point, about how silly it is that first piece of advice often given to people beginning to explore kink is to have a safeword. Actually, I still think it’s a little ridiculous for the first piece of advice for a couple beginning…

For sale, to Good Home.

I was going to hold off on writing on this topic until I had a new job (still working on that) cause I’m not after sympathy, I just want to discuss submissiveness and and depression. Not that there is a connection or even a correlation between the two, but since there are 18.8…


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