Submissive in Seattle


Bruised but unbroken

Well those no good fascists at went ahead and decided to enforce their terms of service and prevent me from hosting my “pornographic” content on their website. I figured it was coming, I prepared as best as I knew how to minimize the damage and now I’m back. Submissive in…

How To find (and catch) a Male Submissive

There are a lot of posts, guides, lists, and how-tos floating around online telling submissive men how to find themselves a dominant woman. And there are lots of guides available on how to go about dominating a submissive man. But I’ve noticed a distinct lack of guidance and advice specifically for dominant…

As Close as it gets #7: Webcomic addition

While it can be difficult to find good, positive representation of Female dominant relationships in fiction it’s not that rare to see at least some BDSM in many webcomics. Sometimes it’s merely a secondary or tertiary character. such as Clarisse in Girls with Slingshots, or Marten’s mother in Questionable Content. Which is nice and all,…

Holy Shit!

I found out tonight (or last night if you’re reading this in the morning) That I made Between My Sheets’ list of 100 best sex bloggers of 2012. I didn’t even think I was in the running for this sort of thing. (Particularly since I have neglected to actually have…


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