Submissive in Seattle


Communication and Vocalization

Really Peroxide, another one of these “guess what I did last night?” posts, really? Yeah, really. Deal with it. Tavi and I went out to brunch on Sunday, my favorite place, it was quite lovely. I’ve been thinking about, worrying about, fretting over the boundary discussion I knew we needed…

Tell me again, How can a man be submissive and sexy?

I’m still struggling to find a way to be a sexy man. One of my major stumbling blocks is that the foundation of heterosexual male attractiveness in our culture is masculinity, which is always coded as dominant (among other things.) In preparation and inspiration for this post I read another…

The Big Penis Industry

I have an average sized penis. The sad thing here is that writing that, admitting to you dear reader that my penis is not some throbbing obelisk rising impressively from my pubis to tower over all creation, causing women to melt with lust and men to cower in terror and shame, informing…


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